Coronavirus According to Krista Kiuru, new restrictions will be imposed on restaurants already this weekend: “Unfortunately, there is no positive news about the disease situation”

“Finland must be able to act immediately, or Finland will be forced to use the emergency brake,” says Minister Krista Kiuru. He also calls for more action in the regions, especially in Uusimaa.

Family- and the Minister of Basic Services Krista Kiurun (sd) says the corona situation in Finland is very difficult, which is why new restaurant restrictions should be in place for the weekend.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) will present a proposal for new restrictions to the SOTE Ministerial Working Group on Thursday. About it first told Yle.

Decisions are made if the other governing parties agree to them. In terms of restaurant restrictions, the center has been the weakest.

“It’s important to remember that we’ve had too bright a picture this fall. We can afford to work, and unfortunately we do not have any positive news about this disease now. Finland must be able to act immediately, or Finland will be forced to use the emergency brake, ”says Kiuru.

In the emergency brake at the extreme of the country, a state of emergency is declared and emergency laws are introduced. They are not presented by Kiuru or STM.

Kiuru does not say exactly what restrictions STM presents.

“Let’s look at all the restrictions, and especially the restrictions on drinking,” Kiuru says.

He points out, however, that the corona passport could also be used to get rid of tighter restaurant restrictions.

Kiurun according to the decisions, there is a great deal of urgency as the situation has clearly worsened recently.

“It should be remembered that the decisions currently being made will only affect the workload of hospital care after about three weeks. If we are to have an impact on Christmas in four weeks’ time, we need to be able to act as quickly as possible to bring the epidemic into balance. ”

He says that if decisions are now delayed, the burden of medical and intensive care at Christmas could exceed all carrying capacity limits.

“We don’t have as many staff available at Christmas as we used to, so we need to make decisions during the rest of the week or the beginning of the week.”

Kiurun considers that the regional authorities, which mainly decide on interest rate restrictions, could introduce more restrictions on public events and different types of facilities, as allowed by section 58 of the Communicable Diseases Act.

“We need to be able to use all the Movement space allowed by law, but still so that the corona pass can be used at events.”

He focuses on Uusimaa in particular.

“I think Uusimaa could be stricter, because many other regional authorities have already made some big decisions in their areas.”

Sote Ministerial Working Group has also updated its vaccine strategy.

“The best and most effective way to control the epidemic is still to do everything possible to increase vaccination coverage and strengthen vaccine protection in the population.”

“The previous strategy has been to prevent particularly serious cases and deaths. But when a person takes vaccination, he also wants protection against the disease, not just against serious illness or death, ”says Kiuru.

The new update of the corona vaccination strategy has added the goal of reducing the number of coronavirus cases through vaccinations.

Health and the Department of Welfare (THL) disagrees with the strategy planned by the government.

“Although coronary vaccines can reduce the incidence of coronavirus, reducing their number as an independent goal does not make sense because a large proportion of infections are asymptomatic and vaccines only prevent asymptomatic or very mildly symptomatic cases in the short term. The proposal of the National Vaccination Expert Group to THL is to exclude this section of the targets from the strategy update, ”reads the THL statement seen by HS.

Kiuru says that the vaccination strategy was approved by the Government as a decision-in-principle in any case on Thursday.

“Of course, I hope that the national health authorities will take into account the will of society when preparing their own decision. Incidentally, the European Office of Communicable Diseases (ECDC) has just today proposed 3. the administration of booster doses to anyone over the age of 40. ”

“In the vaccine strategy, Finnish society is now setting a similar will to strengthen vaccine protection by stepping up the administration of 3rd doses of vaccines.”

Finland Kiuru is now in exactly the situation that Kiuru warned about in an interview with HS at the end of August.

“Too much disease in the fall will mean that vaccination coverage will have to be as high as about 90 percent for society to open up,” he said at the time.

During the Kiuru interview, people and the media demanded and politicians talked about opening the country.

The government intended to lift the restrictions as long as 80 percent vaccine coverage had been achieved, but the restrictions were lifted by an independent regional government agency well before that.

Kiuru said in an interview that he fears that citizens will be disappointed with how slowly Finland will finally be able to open up if the number of infections does not fall significantly and people do not take vaccines quickly and widely enough.

Health authorities and the media did not share Kiuru’s pessimism.

Kiuru’s warnings were not believed, for example, by the Chief Physician of the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) Jari Petäjä and the chief physician of THL To Hanna Nohy.

In an interview with HS, Nohynek said there are very few cases of serious illness at the 80 percent vaccination rate.

“Once the 80 percent vaccination coverage is achieved, Finland’s resources should no longer be a problem that shakes society from the perspective of medical care,” said Husin Petäjä in the same interview.

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Krista Kiuru, what does the very critical feedback from August sound like now?

“I’ve never set up to be happy afterwards to be right. I don’t care what has been done in the past, but what will be done in the future, ”says Kiuru.

He says there is far too little talk about the resilience of health professionals. “The front line workload and work pressures are only increasing all the time. If we allow the situation to get worse, there is no question of decent conditions. ”

“Now we have to decide nationally whether we can handle this together or get into the emergency brake.”

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