Coronavirus A large group of people with strict security arrangements will gather at the Levi Games over the weekend

In the corona tests of the competition teams, one case of the disease was found in the Swedish team. The spread of infections in the nightlife is a concern of the Lapland Hospital District.

With algae Kittilä is preparing for the weekend’s big races with strict security arrangements. The opening races of the Alpine Skiing World Cup will be held as planned and the audience will be taken in, but there are concerns about the spread of infections in the nightlife of restaurants.

The teams had arrived on the scene and taken coronavirus tests on Thursday. Cases of the disease had been found in one person – a member of the Swedish team.

As a result, the Swedish alpine national team was quarantined in Levi and will not take part in the competition.

Up to thousands of people are expected to attend the competition, which will include competitors, maintenance, the media, support staff and the domestic audience.

“The audience can be taken in by 3,500 people a day. We have estimated that the crowd could come on 1,500 on Saturday and a little less on Sunday, ”said the competition director. Petri Tuomikoski.

With algae exceptionally, only women’s competitions will be counted this year. The male sledges are not seen because the International Ski Federation (FIS) wanted to limit the number of athletes and backing forces.

The Ruka Ski World Cup in Kuusamo will be held in a week’s time without an audience. Leaving the audience out was also discussed in Levi.

In Tuomikoski’s opinion, even a handful of audiences are better than competing in completely empty auditoriums.

Competition Chairman of the Organizing Committee Jouni Palosaari believes that competition television will attract as many viewers as before. Last year, the Games had about 250 million TV viewers.

“In this situation, it is especially important to gain international visibility and stay on the air until tourism is seriously taken forward again,” said Palosaari.

According to Palosaari, the organization of the competition has required a lot of work. The race is organized into four different Bubbles: the athletes, the media, the helpers and the audience are kept separate from each other.

“Even some of the helpers do not meet each other during the weekend, except through Teams,” says Palosaari.

Usually the november race weekend has been the first high season of the season in levi. Now, according to Palosaari, the population will be halved from the usual.

Infection Chief of the Lapland Hospital District Markku Broas estimates that race safety is good in Levi. A major concern is that the disease is spreading among race tourists.

In Ylläs, the infections spread in Kolari in September with brown travelers from all over Finland. At least 26 coronavirus infections started in Ylläs.

“Situations where infections can occur should now be avoided. Evening rides are, of course, a big risk here, ”says Broas.

With algae there are no large audience tents or auditorium structure this year. Only a limited number of guests are admitted to the restaurants at a time and each has a seating area. The mask should be worn except when sitting in your seat.

The restaurants in Levi close at one o’clock at night according to the corona restrictions and the drink ends an hour earlier. For example, Crazy Reindeer Arena is not open, Wallis, Bar Ihku and Bar Downstairs are.

“Hopefully, people will enjoy sports and the outdoors and follow safety guidelines to prevent the spread of the disease from happening in evening restaurants, which are the biggest risk,” Broas hopes.

Kittilä the municipality has purchased corona testing for the Games from Pihlajalinna. The aim is to direct race tourists to sampling in Levi, so they do not have to move from Levi to the church village.

According to Palosaari, the race slopes are in good condition thanks to last year’s storage snow. Levi doesn’t have any natural snow yet, but the meter turned to the frost in honor of the winter race weekend.


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