Coronavirus A doctor gave birth to twins in Britain while in a coma due to a coronavirus

When Perpetual Uke woke up from a coma and could not see her pregnancy belly, she feared she had lost her child. Premature babies can “get better day by day”.

19.11. 14:52

For rheumatic diseases specialist doctor Perpetual Uke gave birth to twins while in a coma due to a corona infection, say among others British Broadcasting Corporation BBC and British newspaper The Guardian.

Uke was taken to hospital in Birmingham, England in April after being infected with a coronavirus. As Uke’s condition deteriorated, he was transferred to intensive care, plunged into a coma, and placed in a ventilator.

The doctors decided to perform a caesarean section on Uke in case he didn’t survive. Uke’s calculated time was in mid-July, but the children were only born at 26 weeks of age in early April. The pregnancy usually lasts 40 weeks.

Childbirth after Uke was in a coma for 16 days. When she woke up and could not see her gestational belly, she feared she had lost her child.

“They showed me pictures of babies, and they were so small, they didn’t even look like people. I couldn’t believe they were my children, ”Uke told the BBC.

Uke did not see his babies for two weeks after waking up from a coma. Premature babies were hospitalized for nearly a month and can “get better day by day,” Uke said. The baby girl was named Sochika Palmer and baby boy Osinachi Pascal.

“I would never have wanted them to go through such difficulties right at the beginning of their lives.”

Uke remembers getting sick and going to the hospital by ambulance, and then he was caught in a coma.

“The worst part was waking up from a coma. I had nightmares and was delusional. I was afraid I had lost my child, ”Uke said.

Uke describes his hospital stay as a very frightening time for his husband and their two older children.

“It was creepy … every day I hoped my wife’s name wouldn’t read among the dead. We are a team, and it was hard to accept the idea that she wouldn’t be there anymore, ”her husband Matthew Uke told the BBC.

However, the story ended well, and the repatriated family is, in Uken’s words, “very, very happy”.


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