Coronavirus 15 corona infections detected during holidays at Lapland ski resorts at the turn of the year, no further infections are known

Staying in control of the coronavirus has been a relief for Lapland Central Hospital, where two employees were diagnosed with a coronavirus infection earlier in the week. 21 intensive care units and emergency clinics were exposed to the virus and have been quarantined.

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Lapin At the turn of the year, a total of 15 coronavirus infections have been diagnosed during the holidays at the ski resorts, says the infection chief Markku Broas From Lapland Central Hospital.

Infections have been diagnosed either during the trip in Lapland or after the place of residence. No further infections are known, according to Broaks.

“The good thing is that these have been limited groups and those exposed have been found well,” Broas says.

In advance, the infections were feared to spread at Christmas and New Year celebrations, especially in Levi, where thousands of people celebrated New Year’s Eve.

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Most of those infected have been at the Levi ski resort, where ten infections had been diagnosed by Friday. Eight of the patients had already taken corona tests in Kittilä.

The rest of those infected with the coronavirus have been in Ylläs, Salla, Inari and Rovaniemi at the turn of the year.

Overall, according to Broaks, the coronavirus situation in Lapland has remained calm.

“People have acted responsibly and taken restrictions seriously. Companies have also required security measures from their customers, for example Levi Ski Resort has introduced a mask compulsion, ”says Broas.

Coronavirus staying in check has been a relief for Lapland Central Hospital, where internal exposures have been reported at the same time.

Two central hospital employees were diagnosed with a coronavirus infection earlier in the week, and 21 employees in the intensive care unit and emergency department have been exposed to the virus. They have been quarantined.

The infections are separate from each other, and at least one, according to Broaks, was obtained from outside the hospital. Infections resulted in worker exposure in the staff eating situation.

“There were no protective equipment in the break room, and those who were there were exposed,” Broas says.

According to Broaks, patients have not been exposed, as staff always wear protective equipment during patient work.

“Fortunately, the situation has been calm and no special arrangements have been needed at the hospital,” Broas says.

In spring when the coronavirus pandemic began, large numbers of viral infections were traced to ski resorts, especially their après ski restaurants. In Finland, infections spread especially in Levi.

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Few tourists cared a little earlier about the recommendations made by the government and celebrated with each other. At that time, the severity of the coronavirus epidemic was not yet as well known as it is now. Eventually, measures to prevent the epidemic put an end to the dance: the slopes of Levi were closed on March 22nd.

In April, it was reported that one of the infection chains leads to the ski resort of Levi. An exceptional number of cases of coronavirus were also detected in Kittilä compared to the municipality’s population.

Restaurants in ski resorts are places where the risk of infection is greatest. At the turn of the year, however, no mass exposures were observed. In Cuba, a customer restaurant in Ihku, Levi, in November.­


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