Coronary vaccine THL’s Mika Salminen to Aamulehti: I would take Astra Zeneca on a flight, but I don’t have Sputnik yet

Mika Salminen would not take the Sputnik vaccine until the EU medicines authority also ensures the quality of its production.

Health and the director of the Department of Welfare Mika Salminen would be willing to take the Astra Zeneca coronavirus vaccine immediately, but not yet the Sputnik vaccine. Salminen told about it Aamulehti in an interview.

Salminen was asked if the volunteers could get the Astra Zeneca vaccine if he would take one.

“Yes, on the fly. Just because the disease is so boring. The risk of developing the disease is many times worse than the possible side effects of the vaccine. Of course I would punish them too. It is good to remember that when people get coronavirus disease, many people over the age of 50 end up in the hospital, ”Salminen, 56, told the newspaper.

Russian Salminen would not yet take the Sputnik vaccine until the quality of its production has been reviewed by the EU Medicines Authority.

“The vaccine itself looks really good, but its production must also be independently quality-assured,” Salminen said.

Astra Zeneca vaccines appear to be associated with a very rare risk of blood clots. At present, the Astra Zeneca vaccine is only given to people over 65 years of age in Finland due to the precautionary principle.

Astra About 1.2 million doses of Zeneca vaccine are coming to Finland. If the vaccine is not to be given to people under 65, additional vaccines should be given.

It has been speculated in the discussions that additional Astra Zeneca vaccines could be given to younger volunteers who would be willing to take that vaccine.

In some countries, it has been decided that the vaccine can also be given to younger people on a voluntary basis.

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