Corona restrictions These new corona restrictions will begin on Monday: a ban on public events for more than 20 people, masks for high schools

In Uusimaa and the Helsinki metropolitan area, even stricter restrictions are now coming into force.

In the metropolitan area and across Uusimaa, stricter restrictions will be introduced on Monday as the coronavirus epidemic has entered a spread phase. We put together what is all changing.

Public events

Public events and public meetings for more than 20 people indoors are prohibited. The ban issued by the Regional State Administrative Agency is valid in Uusimaa for three weeks from Monday, ending on 13 December. An opportunity for a larger group can be held outside, if it is possible to take care of safety gaps and good hygiene.

For example, the National Theater, the Helsinki City Orchestra and the National Opera have already announced that there will be no performances for three weeks. Many smaller cultural actors are still considering. Of the cinemas, at least Finnkino’s theaters and Red’s Cinamon are open, but no more than twenty people are counted in the hall.

In sports, for example, the Jokers play in empty stands, while HIFK postpones its matches.

More about the cultural sector here: “Everything is canceled, the boutique is closed”

More sporting events here: The new corona regulations will affect league teams

Private events

Family parties such as the autumn student party are not prohibited, but the authorities have upheld an earlier recommendation. Parties of more than ten people are not recommended at all and people are asked to think carefully about how they meet each other.

Adult hobbies

Adult hobbies are restricted in the Helsinki metropolitan area. On the cities’ own premises, sports that have been defined as team and contact sports will be stopped for three weeks. The suspension applies to activities for people over the age of 20, such as matches, competitions and series for adult hobby teams.

For private operators, the authorities recommend the same suspension. In addition, it is recommended that adults’ hobbies generally remain in their own group for the time being.

The suspension does not apply to all sports in the group. Exercise is still allowed in the group if the safety distances can be maintained at all times. In many places, for example, the number of participants in guided lessons has already been limited earlier in the autumn.

The restrictions do not apply to national teams, SM-level and Division I competition activities and professional training aimed at the international top. The hobbies of children and young people are also not being addressed now either.

Many other municipalities in Uusimaa have made their own recommendations on this and the following points.

More about sports activities here: In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the hobby activities of adult team and contact sports are suspended for three weeks

Educational institutions, schools and kindergartens

In the second level, the Helsinki metropolitan area will start to take turns in distance learning more than before. In Helsinki, for example, high school students are in one-week distance education and two weeks in contact education by age group. In vocational education, about a third of the students are also in contact teaching at the same time.

There was no shift in primary school, but masks are recommended for high school students in the Helsinki metropolitan area for the time being. Schools provide masks and should be worn throughout the school day.

The use of face masks is now also recommended for early childhood professionals indoors “where possible”.

More about schools here: In this way, children and young people will be affected by the new restrictions

Other spaces

In addition to the restrictions previously made, the number of visitors to the swimming pools will be halved. Libraries will reduce the number of study hall places. Safety intervals and face masks are still recommended in all public areas.

In all workplaces in both the public and private sectors, the use of a face mask is recommended in all encounters and when moving around the workplace. In Central Uusimaa, for example, the authorities have specifically stated that the recommendation now applies to taxi drivers and passengers.


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