Corona restrictions Restaurants at once demand decent relaxation of opening hours: “It allows a group to be employed”

The evening service should be extended to 10 pm and the opening hours to 11 pm, HOK-Elanto’s restaurants and Noho Partners hope. At this time, restaurants are allowed until 18:00.

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Restaurants evening opening hours must be extended by several hours at a time when restrictions are being relaxed. This is the view of HOK-Elanto’s restaurant business area director Henriikka Poland and CEO of the restaurant company Noho Partners Aku Vikström.

Discussions on easing restrictions began on Tuesday when the prime minister Sanna Marin (sd) said the government is considering the matter.

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Well Partners Aku Vikström says that in the first phase, food restaurants should be allowed to drink until 10 pm and open until 11 pm.

“It makes it possible to employ a group,” says Vikström.

If the opening hours are shorter, many customers will not see if the restaurants are open or not, and will not come to the restaurant, Vikström estimates.

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At this time, restaurants are allowed to be until 6 p.m.

According to Vikström, the restrictions on bars and nightclubs could be eased in the second phase, once it is reassured that medical care is no longer under such pressure.

“From our point of view, such a two-stage opening would be clear,” says Vikström.

He would consider the opening restrictions of the intermediate model as pointless gimmicks. Extending the opening hours by an hour or two does little to help recruit staff.

HOK-Elannon Poland, for its part, believes that opening hours and drinks could be extended at once from all restaurants, including bars and nightclubs.

“Being open to everyone at least from 10pm to 11pm would be a good solution if the restrictions aren’t completely lifted,” he says.

He hopes that more opening hours will be available as soon as possible.

“It’s really sad for staff to live in constant uncertainty,” Poland says, pointing out that extra hours of pay are after 6pm.

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Extending opening hours by an hour or two at a time would be too little for Poland, too.

“The next rush has to be brisk,” he notes.

Prime minister Sanna Marin said on Tuesday that the government is considering dismantling restaurants and cultural and sporting events faster than planned.

As recently as last week, the government decided to extend almost all of the interest rate restrictions imposed in December until mid-February.

Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (Central) stated today To Ilta-Sanomatthat restaurant restrictions should begin to be phased out as soon as possible. He considered that the opening hours could be immediately extended from 11pm to 10 pm.

Well, Vikström hopes the government could come out with a medium-term outlook for restaurants as well.

He says the policy of restraint has been reactive and bumpy.

“It would make our job easier to be able to look further,” says Vikström.

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