Corona restrictions Hus’s chief medical officer quacks hopes of liberalizing restaurant drinking: “It’s not worth going to the emergency room to get drunk”

Hopes of easing restaurant restrictions burst into political pecking. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health expressed the government’s readiness for mitigation if Uusimaa decided to move to another level in the epidemic.

Helsinki and the Chief Physician of the Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) Markku Mäkijärvi wonders the recent output of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) in defining the corona epidemic in Uusimaa. Mäkijärvi told HS on Wednesday morning that Uusimaa “is either in the spread phase or in the acceleration phase.”

“And there is nothing to be in an exceptional phase,” Mäkijärvi said.

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On Tuesday, the debate on the situation spilled over into political pecking. For example, the resigning mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori (kok) and the deputy mayor applying for a continuation in the municipal elections on Sunday Nasima Razmyar (sd) argued on Twitter about what is basically about the possibility of easing restrictions on restaurants in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Uusimaa.

STM: n councilor Ismo Tuominen presented on Tuesday that the country’s government would already have on Thursday readiness to amend the regulation on the Communicable Diseases Act so that restaurant restrictions could be lifted on Friday.

However, the government’s actions would require that the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Corona Coordination Group and the rest of Uusimaa’s regional coordination group end up changing the area from an epidemic spread to a milder acceleration phase. Both groups will meet on Thursday.

SDP Razmyar suggested on Twitter that the government and his party colleagues, Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiurun led by the Ministry (STM) would be prepared to amend the regulation to alleviate the situation of restaurants.

On the other hand, Vapaavuori, who supported the needs of business life during the interest rate investigation, accused that STM’s output was about applying for support during the municipal election week.

Husin Chief Medical Officer Mäkijärvi would not yet be ready to lower Uuttamaa from the spread phase to the acceleration phase. According to the National Institute for Health and Welfare, the most significant figure in Uusimaa, ie the incidence of infections during the last two weeks, was 53.9 on Wednesday morning.

“As far as I understand, changing the epidemic phase with an exception rule has never been done and I still do not consider it a probable or clear procedure,” says Mäkijärvi.

Mäkijärvi leads the Uusimaa Corona Coordination Group. He also participates in the meetings of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Corona Coordination Group.

Incidence rate According to Mäkijärvi, well below 50 should be dropped so that Uusimaa can really be said to meet all the criteria for moving to a lower level.

The introduction of STM, on the other hand, stated on Tuesday that the incidence rate criterion could be deviated from and that if the regional coordination groups decided to lower the level, the government would have the option to change the regulation.

In Uusimaa, food restaurants must now stop serving at 7 pm and other restaurants at 6 pm. Restaurants must be closed one hour later.

In the areas of the acceleration phase, dispensing is allowed from 7 am to 10 pm, and the catering shops may be open from 5 am to 11 pm.

Uusimaa restaurants are already eagerly awaiting the easing of restrictions.

“I can’t say that and I don’t share it, I’m not going to bet on the government’s actions,” says Mäkijärvi.

According to Mäkijärvi, it is precisely the government’s power to ease the situation for restaurants. He says that the necessary meetings of the coordination groups in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the rest of Uusimaa have been scheduled for Thursdays, and there is no need to change the schedule.

Sure According to Mäkijärvi, the country’s government could “sit at a meeting even in the evening”, ie after the regional meetings have been held. But the Chief Medical Officer stresses that the overall regional assessment and situation needs to be carefully reviewed.

“Everything is based on it and it’s not worth going to the emergency room with it,” says Mäkijärvi.

He points out that, for example, in Southwest Finland, which is now in an accelerating phase, an important incidence figure was 20.4 on Wednesday morning, which is lower than the fork of the most difficult or spreading phase, 25–50.

“[Ravintoloiden aukiolon höllentämisestä Uudellamaalla] one should ask STM where it comes from. Of course, entrepreneurs have a strong need to get their business running, and the proximity of municipal elections can also affect statements, ”Mäkijärvi said.

Hus and Mäkijärvi monitor the epidemic situation specifically from the point of view of health safety. This wound has 17 coronary patients in Hus hospitals, four of whom are in intensive care.

Since the beginning of the summer, for example, young people have gathered closely, and the potential impact of the gatherings on incidence rates will only be seen within two weeks.

Mäkijärvi is also a concern for the Indian virus variant, which is about 40 percent more contagious than the British variant.

“The situation is still alive. Someone, often unvaccinated, is still seriously ill. And we have to prepare to treat patients over the summer, ”says Mäkijärvi.



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