Corona injuries rise in Greece despite the general lockdown

A worker is examining a corona on a sample

Greek health authorities have recorded an increase in the number of new cases of Coronavirus, despite imposing a tighter comprehensive lockdown.
The data released today, Tuesday, showed that health departments recorded 2,147 new cases during the past twenty-four hours, compared to 1,526 cases that were detected for the same period of time two weeks ago.
Experts said they expected a sudden rise, but not that strong.
Nearly half of the newly recorded infections were counted in the metropolitan area of ​​Athens, which has a population of 4 million.
These new figures indicate that health authorities will likely extend the lockdown in hard-hit areas such as the capital region for at least a week.
The original plan called for restrictions to be lifted on Sunday, February 28, and for stores to at least be allowed to reopen while adhering to physical distancing rules.
A decision on this matter is expected on Friday when the emergency task force meets.

Source: Reuters


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