Corona Helsinki contingency plan to keep kindergartens and schools open – “Life must be able to go on”

According to Razmyar, staff will be transferred and deputies will be used to keep the kindergartens open.

Helsinki Deputy Mayor of Education Nasima Razmyar (sd.) does not believe that Helsinki needs to close kindergartens and schools due to corona infections.

Chairman of the OAJ, a trade union Olli Luukkainen commented to stt on Monday that he considers the closures likely.

Helsinki has plans for a difficult situation.

“We have clear plans for that if the situation in schools gets worse. Efforts are being made to relocate teaching staff if teachers become ill. Let’s move on to exceptional teaching arrangements and more classes can be in distance learning, ”says Razmyar.

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The transition to a completely distance school in Razmyar is still not worth it.

“It’s a whole different thing for a child to be out of school for a week than two months away from school. A week’s absence can be made up for if something has not been learned during the week. ”

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Kindergarten even full closure is a last resort, according to Razmyar, and he does not consider it likely.

“Before the kindergarten closes, I would still think about getting staff from other kindergartens,” Razmyar says.

“Early childhood education is required by law, so we use available substitutes and ultimately relocate staff to ensure the service works. All possible stones will be turned so that the children can be in the kindergarten and the parents at work. ”

Luke of OAJ has criticized the metropolitan area ‘s policy of reducing testing and tracking and ending most quarantines.

According to Razmyar, the scale must be understood.

“If the incidence rates were 500, we could be quarantined and the testing capacity would be quite different. The incidence rate is now 3,500, according to tests, and in reality significantly more. Now it is impossible to test and quarantine. ”

Razmyar gives an example. If there are 20,000 infections and every infected person has five and some even 25 contacts, half of Helsinki would be quarantined.

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“Life must be able to go on. If everyone is quarantined at the same time, what society is like. ”

Deputy Mayor of Helsinki Education and Training Nasima Razmyar (sd).

Razmyar cancels also OAJ’s Luukkainen’s comments that it seems that in schools and kindergartens nothing is done about corona anymore, but everyone is allowed to get sick.

“There is no responsible speech that does nothing. Yesterday we started vaccinating 1st to 5th graders. It is also to be hoped that teachers have received the vaccinations and the third vaccination. We constantly monitor compliance with health and safety guidelines. ”

According to Razmyar, statistics do not show that the epidemic is badly erupting.

According to the Helsinki Education Department, school absenteeism remained reasonable last week.

The city will be able to provide more detailed information on the morbidity rates of Helsinki’s early childhood education staff at the beginning of next week. Absences of children and schoolchildren are monitored at all times.

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