Coron Passport Own stock congested at night, avin inspectors rushed out a third of the restaurant’s customers – This is how the first night with the corona pass went

In the work of the police, the new corona passport period did not stand out very much from the previous weekends. Inspectors from the Regional State Administrative Agency were still patrolling the night between Saturday and Sunday.

Southern Finland the inspectors of the regional government agency had a busy night between friday and saturday when they visited several restaurants in the metropolitan area to comply with the requirements of the corona passport period.

Six inspectors especially toured the nightclubs in the center of Helsinki.

The inspections will continue on the night between Saturday and Sunday, says the head of the alcohol administration unit. Riku-Matti Lehikoinen.

“It was well under control. The inspections went smoothly and the introduction of the passport also went on, ”Lehikoinen said on Saturday after he had gathered information from all the inspectors.

“Everything went in a good spirit. The customers were happy and the team was in a good mood when they got their passports, ”he summed up the mood of the night.

Inspectors toured more than a dozen restaurants after midnight.

In the work of the police, the new corona passport period did not stand out very much from the previous weekends. According to the Helsinki police, Friday’s speed was in line with the usual Friday.

The evening and the midnight area were busy with police duties, but by morning the situation clearly calmed down.

Problems the introduction of the corona passport was mainly on the technical side, when the Omakanta service was congested at midnight, when numerous people logged into the service with their IDs at the same time and congested it.

Some customers also had to be ordered out of the restaurant after midnight, which caused a bit of a murmur, Lehikoinen says.

Explanations of coronary passivity were also heard: some claimed to have received two vaccinations, even though no certificate had been issued or that no bank IDs were involved.

Similarly, for some foreign tourists, the knowledge of the necessity of a corona passport came as a surprise.

Together A record was set at the night restaurant in Espoo, when about thirty percent of customers had to leave after midnight, but in other places such figures were not surprising, Lehikoinen says.

“Pretty soon this law came and that’s where the stewards were amazed, too. It was a challenging situation for everyone, but our inspectors thought that a good industry survived this, ”he says.


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