Contemporary art The works of the art event went dark when Helle broke down the technology – The work depicting the gut has been traveling in the basement for days

The electricity went off at the Helsinki Biennale when moisture condensed in the cold cellars.

28.6. 19:13

Part The Helsinki Biennale’s works of art have been closed in Vallisaari for several days. The reasons are heat and extreme humidity. The heat wave flooded to Helsinki before midsummer.

They have been closed Samir Bhowmikin work The lost islands, Mark Niskasen and Jani-Matti Salon A Scene, Dafna Maimonin Indigestibles mixed Samnang Khvayn Preah Kunlong (The way of the Spirit).

In addition, there have been maintenance problems due to other problems Jaakko Niemelä Pier 6.

When HS visited the Helsinki Biennale on Midsummer, and its staff justified closed works of art with “tsarist technology”. However, there is no tsarist technology, says the project manager of the art event Jonna Hurskainen.

“No no. After a long period of warmth, moisture has accumulated in the cool basements. As a precaution, the electricity is switched off when moisture condenses, so that there is no greater electrical fault or danger to anyone. Video works and lighting are very sensitive to moisture. ”

According to Hurskainen, most of the technology and works have now been repaired. Maimon’s work should no longer be closed on Tuesday Indigestibles, which resembles the human gut and combines video, installation, sound and performance.

Pious admits that helle came to surprise the organizers of the event.

“The long heat was harder than we thought, and there hasn’t been a similar activity in these spaces before. Midsummer weekend was also exceptional. We didn’t get on-call officers. ”

Dryers have now been brought into the showrooms to remove moisture. Electrical engineering and ventilation have been improved.

Helsinki Biennale is an international contemporary art event. It opened on Helsinki Day on June 12 and will continue until September 26. The event showcases 41 artists or groups of artists. The majority of the works are previously unseen.

The works of art are along Vallisaari along a three-kilometer route. There are works not only outdoors but also indoors in historic buildings such as former powder cellars and deserted residential buildings.

The island, which has been closed to the public for a long time, opened in May 2016.

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Hurskainen is satisfied with the number of visitors to the biennial. According to his estimate, the art event has been attended by about 20,000 people.

“It might be a little over. People have found it really well. ”



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