Consumer The lamp was already on its way to recycling, but at the last minute its true value was revealed – HS readers tell of the best deals of their lives that have netted thousands of euros

Miika Halmela collects old retro games. He has been to flea markets since he was a child, and today the flea hobby is more of a way of life for him.

Valuable art, a Louis Vuitton bag and Moomin mugs at a mock price. HS readers have made the best discoveries of their lives from both small country flea marketers and Facebook recycling groups. A design expert will tell you what to consider when you want to buy and sell old stuff.

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Anni Hakama HS

2:00 | Updated 7:25

In Sastamala resident Miika Halmela, 35, spent a coffee break at work in the fall of 2015 in a way familiar to many: browsing the internet.

Halmela, who collects old retro games, always visited the online store service from time to time to see what was new there.

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