Construction Vuosaari dilapidated seaside hotel for renovation – Aavehotelli will be renovated into a nursing home

Repairing buildings in the Vuoranta area is a major contract.

Over Hotel Vuoranta, which has been vacant for ten years, will be renovated into service apartments.

The building, also known as the Vuosaari ghost hotel, has managed to deteriorate in a valuable seaside environment for years.

Hotel Vuoranta closed in 2010.

A nursing home has been planned for the premises for a long time. In 2019, HS announced plans to change the plan, in which Vuoranta would be converted to service house use.

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To the mountain With these prospects, the care home Päiväkumpu service house will be completed in early 2021.

The new service building has 31 rooms for enhanced service housing and 12 apartments for residents of service housing.

The renovation has already started during the summer with interior demolition work. Renovation work on buildings that have not been used for a long time is extensive in terms of both workload and cost.

Attempts have been made to break into the property several times over the years and its exterior walls have been abundantly crushed.

The last time a reception center operated in the area was in 2015–2016.

Originally the place was built as Alko’s training center in 1970. The site was designed by an architect Helmer Stenros together with an interior designer Pirkko Stenrosin with.

After the closure of Hotel Vuoranta in 2010, the buildings were vacant for five years. There was a reception center in the area for a year, but since 2016 there has been no activity in the area.

Nursing home Päiväkumpu’s Vuosaari unit will move to Vuoranta when the renovation is completed.



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