Construction This is how the longest bridge in Finland will be built – an artificial island and a 135-meter pillar will come in front of Korkeasaari

With these prospects, construction work on the Kruunuvuorens bridge will begin next January.

Crown bridges construction work will start in October. The contract has already been started with the felling of trees and the establishment of construction sites.

The Kruunusillat tramway connects Laajasalo and Kalasatama to Hakaniemi with a ten-kilometer tram connection. When completed, the bridge will be the longest in Finland.

More visible construction work will begin in mid-October, when the construction of a temporary bridge for construction site use in Korkeasaari will begin in Nihti, Kalasatama. The construction of the bridge will take about four months.

At the same time, the construction of bridges for site use towards the islands called Isäntä and Emäntä will begin in Kruunuvuorenranta.

With these prospects, the construction of the actual Crown Mountain Bridge will begin in early 2022 with the construction of a pylon, or 135-meter-high pillar structure.

High preliminary work is needed to build the pillars.

Work will start in October off Korkeasaari as dredging and quarrying of the seabed. In addition, excavation work on the foundations of the pylon and the construction of a temporary artificial island will begin in October. The artificial island will serve as one of the bridge site bases during construction.

At the beginning of next year, piling of the foundations of Kruunuvuorensilla and Finkensilla will begin, followed by foundation work. The noisiest phase of the contract will last approximately half a year and will be scheduled for the coming winter.

The bridge work is scheduled to be completed in the autumn of 2025. After this, construction work on the tramway will begin on the bridges.

Construction of the third new bridge, the Merihaansilla bridge between Nihti and Hakaniemi, is scheduled to begin in 2023.

Tram traffic between Laajasalo and Hakaniemi is scheduled to start in 2027.

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