Construction | The Suvilahti arena project hired a consultant

In the planning, we intend to take into account primarily the requirements related to music.

Helsinki Suvilahti’s arena project has hired CAA Icon, which does venue consulting, as its advisor.

According to the arena company’s release, CAA Icon has been the project manager for 55 event centers with a total value of almost 40 billion dollars.

Director of the company’s European operations Stephanie Bax says that they intend to take into account primarily music-related requirements in the design.

“Suvilahti is a unique place to build an internationally significant large arena in the center of Helsinki,” says Bax.

Areenayhtiö’s CEO Timo Nieminen says that the expansion of the cooperation network is going to be continued.

Suvilahti’s arena plans was told in September. The plans include an arena for 17,000 spectators, which could be completed in 2027.

The arena would roughly be located in the area between the Hanasaari coal power plant and the old gas bells, where the Flow and Tuska festivals are now organized, for example.

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Arena’s project team includes, among other things, an advisor for NHL players Todd Diamonda hockey coach Olli Jokinen, founder of construction company SRV, mountain advisor Ilpo Kokkiladeveloper Juha Kokkila and a lawyer and former chairman of Tappara Heikki Penttilä.

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