Construction The price increase for the crown bridges received the first approvals, the price rose by more than 70 million euros

The builders of the crown bridge tramway are starting preparations for the construction of the new Hakaniemensilla.

Helsinki the Urban Environment Board and HKL’s Board of Directors are this week approvedthat the construction of the Crown Bridges be phased in and the maximum price for the first phase of the new tramway be increased to EUR 326 million.

This means that the additional cost for the project will amount to about 71 million euros. The final price will be finally decided by the city council in August.

Crown bridges in the first phase, a tram connection will be built from Laajasalo to Hakaniemi.

An extension of the tram from Hakaniemi to the center of Helsinki is planned. On the other hand, the tram connection within Laajasalo will not be implemented more widely so far.

Preparatory construction work for the project will begin at the beginning of July in Hakaniemi and Siltavuorensalmi, where the Kruunusillat project will build a new bridge to replace the current one. The new Hakaniemens Bridge will be to the east of the old bridge.

From the road of the new bridge, Siltavuorensalmi, you must first move away from the pressure sewer, which carries a large part of the wastewater from the city center.

In Hakaniemi noise is caused by, among other things, piling. Work will continue at least until the end of August. In the autumn, the construction site will expand.

The current transport arrangements will be in force mainly until mid-August.

Motor vehicle traffic along Hakaniemenranta to Merihaka will end in early autumn. After that, traffic to Merihaka passes through Sörnäinen coastal road along Haapaniemenkatu.



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