Construction The construction company is dismantling the tiles in Tripla’s danger of falling, the streets still remain closed: “Yes, it is a matter of extensive work”

In mid-December, a ceramic surface tile fell off the facade of the shopping center.

Construction company YIT has decided to dismantle the tiles between the windows of the Tripla shopping center facade and reinstall them, says YIT’s Production Director Pekka Luukkonen.

The reason is a structural defect, which puts the surface tiles at risk of coming off. In mid-December, a ceramic tile fell from the façade of the shopping center’s central block onto the light traffic lane.

According to Luukkonen, the fault has now been located.

“The problem is with the tile fastening system. There are one mounting rails that have come loose. That’s why we’ve decided to tear down all the tiles between the window boxes. ”

Repair done in the central block of the mall. It does not apply to the adjacent residential buildings or the Pasila station building.

Renovation planning will start after the turn of the year, and the repairs will take several months, Luukkonen says.

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“Yes, it’s a lot of work.”

For security reasons traffic has been closed on Veturitie and Firdonkatu.

A canopy is now being built on the locomotive road and is scheduled to open to traffic in early January. The eastern end of Firdonkatu will remain closed for the time being.

According to Luukkonen, tile cladding like a triple facade is common both in Finland and around the world. However, he is not aware that a similar problem has existed elsewhere.

“We will continue to find out why.”

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