Construction | The bottom of the construction market deepens: SRV lowers its turnover estimate

According to the construction company, construction projects have been postponed due to market conditions.

Construction company SRV says it is lowering its revenue guidance for the current year due to difficulties in the construction market.

According to the company, market conditions have pushed the start of construction projects that were already predicted to start later than expected.

The company now expects its turnover to be 770–820 million euros this year. Earlier, SRV predicted its turnover to reach 800–860 million euros.

At the same time, SRV specified that its operational operating profit for the current year is 17–23 million euros. The previous guideline was 15–25 million euros.

The clarification is based on an improved view of the result at the end of the year, SRV says.

SRV will announce its third quarter interim report on Thursday, October 27.

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