Construction Summer heat heats homes, but air conditioning is unlikely to become standard equipment – Solutions can instead be sought even from architecture

In the future, the Ministry of the Environment will re-evaluate the regulations related to the temperature of residential apartments.

Exceptional As a result of the heat, the temperature in many Finnish dwellings has become painfully high. Especially in Helsinki, tropical nights have plagued people.

Relief has been sought, for example, from air source heat pumps, but the solution is expensive and may also require structural changes to housing in order to function.

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Major some, especially apartment dwellers, have to settle for so-called passive sun protection, such as blinds and balconies.

Cooling systems to be built as standard in new construction projects are the director of the construction company YIT’s division Harri Isoviitan according to Finnish homes still in the minority.

According to Isovita, customers can order an air source heat pump for some of YIT’s sites in advance, in which case the necessary framework can be created already during the construction phase.

In the future, he said, it will also be possible to add a cooling unit to the ventilation system, which will act as an apartment-specific air conditioner.

However, different apartment-specific air conditioners increase costs and consume energy.

Energy consumption According to Isoviit, a better solution from the point of view would be passive sun protection, which can be taken into account already in the zoning and planning phase.

According to Isoviit, different building solutions are common in more southern countries with higher temperatures.

“Maybe the world will change so that we will see different architectural solutions that take the heat load in Finland as well.”

At the construction company SRV’s sites, air conditioning needs can also be met at the planning stage, if necessary. Harri Hirvonen tells by email.

According to him, in order to achieve the level required by the regulations, separate cooling is often not required, but, for example, preparations are made for the installation of air source heat pumps at SRV’s sites through the dimensioning of electrical power.

Residential apartments temperatures have also been considered in the Ministry of the Environment, which covers, among other things, general construction requirements.

Chief director Teppo Lehtinen The Ministry of the Environment says that rising temperatures and heat waves must also be taken into account in future housing construction.

According to him, the current law provides a good framework for dealing with the matter, but the regulations will be re-evaluated in the future. However, background research is needed first.

“With regard to residential apartments, in the coming years we will assess, on the basis of studies, whether we will need cooling at the design stage, especially in apartment buildings.”

Land Use and Building Act contains regulations on, for example, general requirements for construction.

The regulations prescribe technical requirements, one of which is the permitted calculated temperature range of a residential apartment, which must be taken into account already at the design stage.

Residential apartments should be designed so that outside the heating season, the calculated temperature remains in the 20-27 ° C range.

The actual temperature in the apartments may rise even higher in some places, but this is not intended to be addressed by legislation.



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