Construction | Malmi’s hangar floor sank into the hole

Helsinki-Malmin The floor of the airport’s protected aircraft hangar has sunk into the hole, the Friends of Malmi Airport says in its press release. The floor has sunk in the worst places by about 20 centimeters.

The association estimates in the press release that the earth masses under the earthen floor have started to move due to the construction work done in the area.

The city council decided to protect the airport’s key buildings in 2019. Air traffic at the airport ended in 2021.

The city of Helsinki plans to turn the former airport into a residential area. The goal is that in the 2040s there would be apartments for 25,000 people in the area.

Friends of Malmi Airport have been against construction in the area for a long time. According to the association, the area is not suitable for housing construction.

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