Construction Congestion on Vantaa’s Kuusijärvi beach will be alleviated by building 160 new parking spaces

The new car park is scheduled for completion in 2023.

Vantaa A new driveway and parking spaces will be built in the Kuusijärvi outdoor area. The parking lot on the popular beach has been very congested at times. Construction work will begin during June.

The existing parking area will be expanded to the north and 160 new parking spaces will be added. In addition, the area is paved. After the renovation, there will be a total of 390 parking spaces.

A new access road from Lahdentie will be built about 300 meters north of the current access road. The current interface will remain available to walkers and cyclists.

Parking area the renovation will be done in two parts to maintain parking during construction.

Construction work on the extension will begin in August and be completed next summer. Renovation of the existing car park will then continue. The car park is scheduled for completion in early autumn 2023.

According to the city of Vantaa, construction work was scheduled to begin this spring. However, the start-up was delayed due to the removal of the electricity network company’s link mast, which took longer to dismantle than expected.

The city informs that the Kuusijärvi area will be developed in the future, for example by building sports facilities in the area and renovating piers.



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