Construction | A new tower block is wanted for Lepakonaukio in Ruoholahti, Helsinki

The additional premises sought by the employment pension company Ilmarinen would be built right next to Porkkalankatu.

Helsinki In Ruoholahti, Lepakonaukio, a tall tower block is sought. Torni is an occupational pension company in Ilmarinen’s plans. The house would go up right next to Porkkalankatu.

The city environment board proposes to the business department of the city government that part of the area of ​​Lepakonaukio and the Itämerensola underpass tunnel be reserved for Ilmarinen. There is already an office building owned by Ilmarinen on the edge of the square, and during the reservation period the plan is to study the expansion of this office building. The tower block would therefore be an extension of an already existing office building.

During the booking period, together with the city, Ilmarinen would prepare a project and implementation plan for possible further development.

The southern wing of the already existing Ilmarinen office building on the Porkkalankatu side is described as having little use value, and it is planned to be demolished with the expansion.

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