Conquest of the mountains Lotta Hintsa had to turn back 90 meters from the top of Broad Peak: “Let’s all end”

Hintsa aimed for the top of 8,051-meter-high Broad Peak without his climbing pair Don Bowie.

Mountaineer Lotta Hintsa reached 90 feet of climb from the top of Broad Peak, the 12th highest mountain in the world, but difficult conditions forced him to turn down.

Hintsa set out to reach the top of the 8,051-meter-high mountain along with a Pakistani rope-fixing team on Saturday morning.

Hintsan climbing couple Don Bowie had to return to base camp on Friday due to stomach problems.

THREE CAMP and between the summit, Hintsa awaited numerous railings and snow bridges, the collapse of which could be fatal.

In addition, your last ridge is long, and over 8,000 meters in the so-called “zone of death” you have to spend a long time.

However, the biggest problem was the amount of snow.

Hintsan the gps trace shows that he reached a height of 7,961 meters at 8.30 in the morning, but after that the journey continued downhill.

“There’s just too much snow here. We are all over, ”Hintsa announced on a satellite phone at nine in the morning.

Since then, Hintsa has not updated the situation, but his GPS trace shows the movements.

At nine o’clock he was at an altitude of 7,635 meters, and two hours later 200 meters below.

At 12 o’clock Hintsa had already descended a little less than 7,000 meters, that is, near the third camp, and by 2 pm he was about 6,550 meters.

The last time stamp of the GPS track is 15.46, and it says that Hintsa was 6,153 meters high. The second camp is located about 6,400 meters and the first camp 5,900 meters.

There is just over 3,000 meters of ascent from the base camp to the top of Broad Peak.

LAST during the week, Hintsa said massive snow masses had cast doubt on the chances of conquering the mountain.

So far, the difficult snow situation has proved to be the biggest challenge.

There are currently no information on future plans.



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