Conquest of the mountains Lotta Hintsa and Don Bowie try to reach the top of Broad Peak in the morning – Four Frenchmen took the opportunity to make history from the duo

Hintsa and Bowie are climbing to the top of 8,051-foot-high Broad Peak.

Mountaineers Lotta Hintsa and Don Bowie are climbing towards the top of Broad Peak, the 12th highest mountain in the world.

Hintsa and Bowie set off from base camp on Thursday and climbed straight to second camp. From there, they continued on Friday to Camp 3, where, after reaching, it was their turn to rest, refuel, and prepare for the top of the 8,051-foot-high mountain.

The top of the duo should be headed for Saturday morning if everything goes according to plan.

“Usually it doesn’t go,” Hintsa acknowledged.

There are many gorges and snow bridges between the third camp and the summit, the collapse of which can be fatal.

In addition, your last ridge is long, and over 8,000 meters in the so-called “zone of death” you have to spend a long time.

“There’s a technically demanding climb at the end.”

There is just over 3,000 meters of ascent from the base camp to the top of Broad Peak.

Last during the week, Hintsa said massive snow masses had cast doubt on the chances of conquering the mountain. The snow has not receded, but suspicion has sunk into the background.

Hintsa says he feels strong, although sometimes harsh conditions strike his eyesight.

“After all, this is the maximization of misery in many ways. The upper lining tent is two square meters in size. The sleeping bag is wet and ice cream drips on your face. In it, you try to put on everything you need. It took two hours for us to prepare to go out. ”

All in addition, Hintsa and Bowie experienced a great setback mentally. The actual “steak” of the trip disappeared into the mouths of others.

After Broad Peak, Hintsa and Bowie were to climb Alpine-style to the world’s 13th highest mountain, Gasherbrum II, as the first route known as the French Route.

However, making history is no longer possible. As Hintsa and Bowie adapted to the high air conditions on Broad Peak, a group of four French climbers climbed the route.

“We heard the French climbed the French Route. Sincere congratulations to them from both of us! It is certainly important for them at the national level as well, that both important ascents of the route got their own names, ”says Hintsa.



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