Concerts More people want nightly concerts in Helsinki than before – “World stars want the gigs to end late”

According to previous regulations, the Olympic Stadium, for example, has been allowed to hold ten more than ten concerts in the summer.

In Helsinki there may be more frequent late-night concerts next summer.

According to the previous policy, there have been more than ten concerts lasting more than ten in the summer, for example at the Olympic Stadium and seven at the former Malmi Airport.

This may change this summer, as the Environmental and Permit Division of the Urban Environment Board, which decides on the regulations, has been considering the possibility of adding continuous concert days until late in the evening.

“At least there has been no talk of blackmail, but more days will be added to some places,” says the president of the section. Saana Rossi (green).

According to him, the issue is difficult because concerts would be important to liven up the city, but many suffer from the noise they cause.

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The topic has provoked a heated debate in Helsinki, especially during very hot summers, when sleeping with the window open has been necessary for many city dwellers. In the summer of 2021, many residents complained about the commotion caused by illegal celebrations.

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The majority of people living near the concert venues were in favor of organizing events when the City of Helsinki asked in a resident survey in 2018. However, more than half of the respondents considered the noise caused by the concerts to be at least quite annoying.

Residents considered littering and urination in the vicinity of the scene to be the most annoying side effects.

Rossi himself says he is in favor of adding late concert days to at least some of the venues. According to him, the alternative is also to consider finding new venues so that residents of one area do not suffer too much.

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“Basically, I think it’s good that concerts can be held too late, but balancing is tricky so that residents in a particular area don’t get undue inconvenience,” Rossi says.

Also Vice-President of the Chamber Tarik Ahsanullah (kok) says he is in favor of increasing late concert days. He also believes the townspeople will miss them.

“Usually the world stars want the gigs to end late, and if a light show is wanted in the Finnish summer, it will be forced at eleven o’clock,” Ahsanullah explains.

Ahsanullah says he wants to make sure the scene affected by the corona pandemic can now get back on its feet and concerts can be held. He thinks the decision will be fairly unanimous.

The issue is being discussed at the Environment and Permit Division of the Helsinki City Environment Board, where it was tabled at last week’s meeting. The matter is expected to be decided next Thursday.

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Corrigendum on March 10, 2022 at 5:17 pm: The name of the chairman of the Environment and Permit Division of the Urban Environment Board has been corrected to Saana Rossi. In the past, Sanna Rossi read incorrectly in the story.

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