Concert Review Pianist Francesco Piemontesi made the Mozart phrases continue beyond the horizon

The changed program in the face of RSO’s Wednesday concert took the listener to times past and imagination, which in this situation is exactly what one can hope for from a concert.


Radio Symphony Orchestra at the Music Hall 26.1. Lead. Andrew Manze, sol. Francesco Piemontesi. – Ravel, Mozart, Sibelius. The concert can be heard at Yle Areena.

Radio Symphony Orchestra the concert on wednesday was quite different from what was originally planned. Conductor Manfred Honeckin was to lead a concert to be heard Bruckneria and Bartókia.

Strict interest rates were then reintroduced. The program had to be changed to allow safety distances to be maintained on stage. The conductor also changed twice due to illness. The program lived until the last minute. It had to be judged according to which notes would be available at such short notice.

But not much hard work and nothing good: a Wednesday concert led by Andrew Manze, heard music with the ability to take to other landscapes. The evening was escapist in a positive sense. It started and ended To Ravelin, to an imaginative orchestra user. First heard was originally composed for piano Pavane in memory of the dead princess. The RSO interpreted it as softly lingering. Peace, Manze’s ability to take time when needed was hallmark throughout the concert.

Pianist Francesco Piemontesi called Mozartin piano concerto No. 20 in D minor.

Only two of the composer’s piano concerts have been composed in minor minority. This concerto has been described as “the darker side of Mozart,” a Beethovenian composition. It begins with a rippling restlessness beneath the surface and continues with the soloist’s subjective turmoil, which in the third part of the rondo expands into different perspectives.

Piedmont is said to be an exceptionally good interpreter of Mozart, and one must agree. It’s as if there’s a surface tension in his fingers that doesn’t give up but makes the phrases continue beyond the horizon. The excerpt was chamber music and listening. There was nothing extra because it was not needed. In the first part, I think the orchestra pushed on a bit, but the impression leveled off as the concert progressed.

Encorena Piedmont interpreted it wonderfully Debussyn Goldfish of strong visual imagery.

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The concert ended Ravelin Gooseseries previously heard Sibelius Loving op. 14.

In the goose familiar fairy tales From the thumb to the Princess Rose, but more important than programmatic, I think, is the work ‘s ability to evoke associations in the listener at a time when everything seemed possible; to the mind of a child for whom imagination is as true as material. This RSO-led RSO conveyed in a toned and touching way.

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