Concert evaluation Tikkurila experienced the aftermath of 2010’s domestic pop: JVG and Sanni are ahead of the new, the astonishingly bright Vesala reached its best

The burden of the recent past shone sadly on the hit whales of Sanni and JVG.


Tikkurila Festival in Hiekkaharju Sports Park on Saturday.

To Finns considerable festivals for artists – held on the weekends of July along several in Finland even on the same day – have been marked in recent years by the unimaginative Only life -spirit.

It is easy to see how the foundations of large domestic pop festival programs were laid in the early and mid-2010s. Since then, the formula has been repeated very monotonously: there have been few changes in the mainstream and top of domestic radio pop.

On the final day of the Tikkurila Festival, there was a remarkable sample of artists who have been in their twenties and thirties for several years: JVG, Sanni, Vesala, Arttu Wiskari, Anssi Kela, Olavi Uusivirta and Apulanta, which shines in its own strange timelessness and endurance popularity.

This summer Sanni and JVG, who were in a less important position in the software than expected, seemed to have reached some sort of crossroads based on their performances. The burden of the recent past shone sadly on both of the hit whitewashes that work for the material.

Especially in Sanni’s case, the previous top singles are starting to be a long time ago. We are talking about several years.

Remembering how Sanni appeared as a sovereign songwriter around the middle of the last decade, Sanni’s songs of recent years have sounded unhappy.

Sanni’s top singles are long gone.

JVG introduced an interesting new one, apparently Bitter Sweet Symphony familiar riff as well as his song utilizing the motto “movement is medicine”.

Otherwise, the surprisingly sluggish performance was reminiscent of following an archive recording of the best hit cream of Finnish pop in the 2010s.

JVG today is like a reverse fire department that is alerted to a scene to rumble a party with a guaranteed fire. This came to mind as he followed a performance by a leading rap band whose energy was based on the cheeky mixing of the audience.

Of the day the most irresistible performance was by Vesala, who performed exceptionally freely and radiantly.

Sovereign’s skillful and fun show was top production. Vesala’s throw-in reminded us that one can find a similarity in the performing artist who pledged his charisma during the closing time and in the piece of nature screaming at the spring pastures.

After a mediocre previous record, the process is back on track:

Vesala is now, for the first time in a concert, redeeming the expectations that have dormant since the PMMP was stopped.

The last heard of the concert is fantastic and important Antti tuisku -retelling Now I will comment hit the finish line for those who have seen the cover of a fresh 7-day magazine: “When I try to date, it’s in the magazines.”

The verses on cannabis release and unequal conscription sounded genuinely fresh and bold on the Vantaa sports field.

William performed his mega-hit Penelope twice last year.

In the afternoon In the “difficult slot,” he said, the miracle of one megahit last year William did not cause such sympathy in his concert as the prior information had warned.

Penelope-hit was heard twice, of course. The phlegmatic soul trap sounded evolving.

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