Concert evaluation The pool’s summer opening concert was loose but not relaxed – Cledos and Costee represent the dragging edge of modern domestic pop

The audience of the sold-out concert was divided into ten groups of fifty performers due to restrictions.

Concert, pop. Cledos and Costee Pool at Sea Pool on Saturday 5.6.

Framework were okay with the school’s closing hustle and bustle as well as the opening of the Allas Sea Pool’s summer concert series.

On Saturday night, maritime Helsinki seemed relieved by the hustle and bustle of Central Europe and its bright July after the closing spring.

Silja Serenade, who returned to traffic on Friday, turned around as if timed in the background Costeen started their gig.

The pool stage has risen to its familiar location next to the Katajanokka Ferris wheel for the entire summer season. There will be 56 concert events until September.

The table setting is larger than in previous years: almost all imaginable top names in Finnish light music seem to be involved, as well as interesting performers from the middle series. Ruisrock without foreign stars, could be characterized.

Restrictions due to the sold-out concert, the audience was divided into color-coded areas on Saturday, into ten groups of fifty guests. The audience was five hundred, when under normal circumstances the concerts of the Pool have accommodated five times as many.

It felt out loud, but luckily not out loud.

For the July concerts, the pool has hopefully sold a thousand tickets per gig. The expectation is that restrictions will ease.

The start of the concert had been brought forward due to restaurant restrictions. The pool has to end its summer gig at ten, but on Saturday the concert ended after the drink was over before eight.

Pool Sea Pool hosts gigs in the summer. Currently, the area attracts 500 spectators, and the area is divided into sections of 50 people.

Fast food chain in the burger campaign in recent weeks Cledosta can be considered a moderately successful success of domestic youth pop.

Published to JEG-stamped PME as self-published At workThe 22-year-old artist, who was attached after the breakthrough hit, has received a new boost in the early part of the year Behmin to refresh the song and become a radio hit Lifewith the version of the song.

Eastern Helsinki background Vladislav Heponen that is, Cledos reportedly doesn’t consider himself a rapist, but compared to another performer on Saturday, Costee, Cledos represents a clear rap.

Cledos, who was reverently enterprising on stage, got the audience moving, but the gig alone with the DJ looked like a dilute revelation. Thick beats and Davin a visit during the two songs brought enough power to the sunset.

Cledo’s final standings finally got the audience off their chairs: Kuben recorded with Japanese Drip, Saint disk assisted Question as well as last summer’s debut album KiloThe song – during which the central part of the song came from a boring tape – are the Finnish pop standards of the day in the age group of fresh white hats.

The concert was intoxicatingly closed Lifen the attraction right now is such that the brilliantly humming and pulling song is likely to continue its winning streak through the summer.

Costee aka Jussi Tiainen performed at Alta on Saturday 5 June.

Evening another artist, Costee, was clearly a more modest case. In music based on unification, the pathos of mother and new metal spirit are combined with diligent perseverance and Kanye Westin 808s & Heartbreak anxiety-like anxiety.

The result was a half-hour minor win, the output of which was ill-suited to the spirit of the summer party: the resemblance of Coste’s songs sounded unimaginative, the unhappiness bleak.

A single released earlier this year Young Edelmann caused, however, screaming in the audience.

“I didn’t remember this being so heavy. Dragging a gig. And I decided to put more leather pants on my feet, ” Jussi Tiainen that is, Costee was in pain on a summer evening of just over twenty degrees.

There will be 56 concert events on the pool stage until September.



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