Concert evaluation The band had sprigs on when Dumari celebrated: Judge Nurmio’s 70th anniversary gig in Tavastia offered charisma and raw playing

Judge Nurmio wads his neck in the history of Finnish pop music and naturally builds a bridge between decades and generations, says a critic of HS. The judge, for example, seems to have rap rhyming as early as twenty years ago.


Dumari x 70 = rumble! In the ordinary.

If a concert by a novice musician or band would be advertised in advance as a ugly rumble, the scene might be bothered by a few paying customers in addition to friends of the performers, inaugurated with edgy nuances.

But when a veteran who has made prestigious music for a little over 40 years performs such a thing, even the raw playing is tilted. Judge Nurmion the party gig did not need to be characterized in advance.

The audience knew what to expect. Nurmio has been taking advantage of that freedom for a long time, not least on his 70th birthday.

Most would dress up as baskets at their party gig, pile up a big lineup on stage, and guest all the stars who don’t dare refuse. Nurmio even left out Blosari, a wind trio that occasionally performed with his Spuget band in recent years.

The Spuget trio has secretly become Nurmio’s longest-running backing band. That, too, seems to be slowly shrinking into a Boneheads lineup with drums playing Dr. Hillilä and bass Miikka Paatelainen, Spugejen guitarists.

His birthday in the evening at Tavastia, Nurmio initially performed a couple of songs as a solo. After that, we heard three quarters of the Boneheads version and then another roughly another Mokoma Spug when Mitja Tuurala came with.

The only difference between the bone heads and the Spuget assemblies was thus Tuurala. Compared to that, they sound surprisingly different. Spuget certainly sounded softer, more supple, and easier to digest. But it’s hard to say if it was better than the angularity of the bone heads.

The more you reduce, the less you can hide behind the decorations. It highlights a couple of things: song quality and playing skills. Or three: also charisma. The harsh rumble of the bone heads fascinated me in its own way.

It is not news that Nurmio has enough charisma even to feed cows. The songs were heard along the career and featured a bunch of classics and evergreens. There were rarely heard and almost unidentifiable fists. Everything works.

Of course, the early big hits stood out clearly from the crowd: Don’t cry Iines, Harsh, Children’s juice moment and additionally consulted Huda Huda.

Party in honor of many of them led to think about Nurmio’s role in the history of Finnish popular music. In it, he has always waded up to his neck.

For example DumarillumareiThe song features both the swing swing and the rap Flow. It naturally builds a bridge between decades and generations. Nurmio took over the rap rhyme and the name Dumari twenty years ago.

It was actually stylish that Nurmio celebrated his 70th anniversary unadorned and in a reduced way in the spirit of work, at a gig among others. Something was given in honor of the celebration, after all. At every gig, Nurmio doesn’t seem to play for a little less than two hours. It gave the audience a gift.

And Spuget got into sprigs (Stadia loves Stadia, means a cool suit) as well as nice hats. The Scots of the others were in good condition, but fisted to Nurmo’s dents. How else.

In honor of his birthday, Judge Nurmio drank glasses of sparkling wine with the band at the end of the gig.­


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