Concert evaluation “The ban on dancing and singing is over,” Ellinoora declared in Alta – a handsome pounding pathos winged the audience to celebrate liberally.

Ellinoora’s third album, which will be released in the fall, has the potential to further consolidate the singer’s status in the light of recent screens.


Ellinoora Pool at Sea Pool on Thursday, June 17th.

“Para-para-paradise! Para-para-paradise! ”

The Coldplay hit, which echoed from the tape at the bottom of the concert, brilliantly put into words the moods of nearly a thousand unmasked listeners with a sheer smile at the Pool Sea Pool on Thursday night.

This feels fantastic. It is an exaggeration to compare the last few weeks to the end of the war, but there is something mind-boggling, even historical, about the liberated collective atmosphere.

The overture to the concert would have been a good fit as well J. Karjalainen It’s all the same as before: The rapidly fading epidemic, the generous early summer for the weather and the start of concert activities have made the closing time of spring feel like a distant bad dream.

Tuesday since then, audiences have been able to swing freely at Alta’s concerts without the previous safety pens of fifty people.

“This is an amazing sight. Cheers to everyone when you are here today, ”faithfully styled on a stage decorated with flowers in a pink dress Ellinoora Leikas greeted the audience.

Although Ellinoora’s gig, like other artists, has been on hiatus for a long time, the singer can be elevated to one of the spring’s most prominent domestic pop characters.

Published in November Dinosaurs has mastered the radio list for eight weeks. The triumph of the song continues.

When the song that took the biggest start of Ellinoora’s career explodes to play as the grand opening of the concert, the audience sitting on the grass bounces to celebrate and white wine glasses rise towards the summer evening sky.

The song has just the much-needed roughness and lively pull that a musician known for his ballad-like and mid-tempo songs has come to hope for.

Relying on a piano-house-inspired riff Dinosaurs still sounds strongly like Ellinoora, who is positioned on the pop map between Haloo Helsinki’s poetic striking Finnish pop and Coldplay’s brilliantly jerky uplift.

Haikean We are doing well The third tasting of the album, which will be released in the autumn, was heard as the first premiere on Thursday. Gröna Lund During a hearty song called, Leikas seemed downright enthusiastic and embarrassed by the raging return. “It feels fucking good!” the singer sighed as the situation forced.

The audience was packed tightly to celebrate the Pool at the Sea Pool.

Debut album hitit The weight of an elephant and The Lion King are bigger songs based on the vocals than the excerpts from the fine but slightly safe previous album – with the exception of the still great Bäng bäng silly heart.

“The ban on dancing and singing is over. Now let’s go!” The cut was announced before the chorus of the song.

The band spread their sound on Thursday in an admirable frame. Patheticism conveyed well in songs like Work of art, You 4ever and The ode of youth.

The last couple the week has been exhilarating to witness the artists ’return gigs. If anyone has suspected star musicians as opportunistic money-making machines, the love for performance and music has impressively shone through.

“Maybe we’ll get a festival summer from this yet,” Leikas, who has been attached to several big pop festivals, expressed a wish at the end of the concert.

“Music lives, you live, everything is fine.”

Ellinoora grumbled during her gig.



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