Concert evaluation In the festive concert of the singing group Club For Five, each singer had her star moment – Tuukka Haapaniemi’s wild interpretation of Black Eyes made the walls vibrate

Club For Five’s polyphonic arrangements and imitations of instruments are at their best when the songs have some recognizability combined with surprise and momentary throwing, writes Harri Uusitorppa.

A cappella

Singing ensemble Club For Five’s 20th anniversary concert at Kulttuuritalo 17.10.

Singing band On the covers of the first records of Club For Five, it was emphasized in two languages ​​that their only instruments are indeed human voices – including all those Trumpets, Guitars, Basses and Drums. The refinement was necessary, because the imitation of musical instruments was still relatively new in Finland and, in a broader sense, probably strange.

There is probably no reason for that anymore, and especially not in concerts.

Club For Five, founded at the turn of the millennium, and its best-known Finnish contemporaries – the Boundless Sextet and the Fork Quartet – have proven many times that a single choir can be more than a singing ensemble alone.

The lovers of the polyphonic and unaccompanied a cappella have had twenty years to choose from, as each of these ensembles has its own, slightly different profile.

Club For Fiven in a gala concert, it did not actually brighten, if there is anything to glorify at all. Quite a few pairs of songs had been selected for the two-hour repertoire, from a self-published debut album to the second most recent release, Songs of Bright. However, the score is that not only “hits” were picked up for the concert.

Four years ago All the best however, the collection had the same number of different songs, 19, but only seven of them were now performed. And it’s also good that the same unrecorded songs and two new ones had been found for the Kulttuuritalo’s security concert, at the beginning of the second more unified set. Soon’s journey and in the Sámi language Máttaráhkku.

At the Club For Five’s gala concert at the Culture House, the spectators’ safety gaps were taken care of.­

Club For Five there are, in a way, two different ensembles, both a “regular” vocal ensemble and a vocal ensemble that accompanies their soloists who get their voices in turn. Each of them – Maija Sariola, Susanna Lukkarinen, Jouni Kannisto, Juha Viitala and Tuukka Haapaniemi – of course there were also his own star moments in the festive concert, the last one was bass in Haapaniemi.

His ferocious Russian interpretation From black eyes so did the walls tremble and the hearts tremble, and the eyes wetted — at least with joy, accompanied by “balalaikas”.

Indeed, Club For Five’s polyphonic arrangements and imitations of instruments are at their best when the songs have some recognizability combined with surprise and momentary-looking throwing. As in the second song, fresh for the line-up, which didn’t look terribly incendiary when you looked at the hand program.

But that was it, that Heili from Karelia.


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