Competition The Property Association denies a breach of competition law – a live broadcast of the press conference right now

The property management association states in the release that it has not sought to harmonize the pricing structure. The association will hold a press conference at 1 p.m. HS will show it live.

Competitiveand the Consumer Agency (KKV) said on Wednesday that its investigations have revealed a nationwide price cartel in the property management industry that will be linked to the Property Management Association.

According to KKV’s reports, in 2014 the Management Association and the companies belonging to its board agreed on harmonization of pricing and price increases for property management services. The intention was to increase the price level of hosting nationwide.

The management association states in the press release that its purpose has been to promote quality competition in the industry. The association considers the interpretation that it has violated competition law to be incorrect. According to the management association, there has been no overall anti-competitive plan submitted by KKV.

In addition, the association emphasizes that this is only a matter of doubt and will be decided by the Market Court.

“It is really good that KKV has thoroughly evaluated the practices of the industry. It is imperative that all policies in the hosting industry are clear and transparent. It is the starting point for the development of the industry, ”says the CEO of the Management Association Mia Koro-Kanerva says in a press release.

Mia Koro-Kanerva started as the Managing Director of the Management Association in September 2019.­

KKV proposes penalty payments of EUR 22 million to six companies in the field and to the Management Association.

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Hosting Association according to the release, has not sought to harmonize the pricing structure.

The association says it has produced bulletins that have talked in general about the upward pressure on hosting prices. The aim of this activity has been to raise the profile of the sector, the differentiation of services and quality competition in order to provide better management for housing associations.

“We understand that in the light of this investigation, the industry is not now looking flawless, and for this reason, both hosting and their customers will have to rebuild trust.”

SME announced in early 2017 to launch investigations into whether hosting companies have engaged in anti-competitive practices. Since then, the agency has been silent on the progress of degrees.

Hosting Association says it has introduced the precautionary principle as soon as the investigation is launched in March 2017. According to it, the union will not take any position on the profitability, cost level and cost level of hosting.

The association says it has made many reforms and changes in its operations since the investigation began. The management of the association, which operated during the period under investigation, has also changed substantially.


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