Companies The taxpayer is filing for bankruptcy of Brewdog, who has spectacularly arrived in Finland, with debts of only one hundred euros in the background

On Wednesday, the tax administration filed for bankruptcy against the artisan cell company BrewDog.

Tax administration files for bankruptcy of Brewdog, a company specializing in artisanal cells.

According to information collected by Suomen Asiakastieto, the taxpayer filed for bankruptcy from the Scottish brewery Brewdog’s Finnish company in the Helsinki District Court on Wednesday. The majority of the Finnish company is Finnish-owned.

Brewdog closed the popular bar in Helsinki’s Viiskulma for six years permanently in May last year due to the interest rate crisis.

At that time, the intention was that the company’s Tampere restaurant would continue to operate after last spring’s restaurant restrictions, the company’s Finnish CEO Joakim Stenius said.

The profitability of Brewdog’s Helsinki bar was already weighed down by the lack of a terrace before the corona pandemic. The bar did not get from the condominium permission for a terrace.

When you start in 2014, Brewdog was exceptional in its mission. The bar only sold artisan products and the prices were in line with that.

The turnover of Brewdog’s Finnish company in the second year was EUR 1.0 million and the operating loss was EUR 211,000.

Debt collection agencies have bearded debts to Brewdog along the spring. Some of the payment requests have been only one hundred euros.

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