Companies The newsbook claims that Elon Musk sought the beating of Apple’s CEO – Musk: “I have never expressed anyone’s interest in running Apple”

Musk denies the claim on Twitter that he would have made the sale of Tesla conditional on him becoming Apple’s CEO.

Did you seek Known for Tesla Elon Musk Apple CEO washed?

Yes, if you have to believe the editor of The Wall Street Journal Tim Higginsin Power Play: Tesla, Elon Musk, and the Bet of the Century newsletter. The book will be published on August 3.

Los Angeles Times according to a review published by the book, Muskin is said to have discussed the CEO of Apple on the phone Tim Cookin with Apple’s ability to buy Tesla.

According to the book, the call comes at a time when Tesla was in financial trouble before the release of the groundbreaking Model 3.

According to the book, Musk would have been interested in the matter, but on only one condition: he would become the CEO of Apple.

According to the book, Cook responded to this condition with an insult and then turned off the phone.

Musk disputes Higgins’ allegations in the messaging service On Twitter.

“Both Cook and I have made it clear in public that we have never spoken or otherwise communicated,” Musk writes.

“Nor have I ever expressed anyone’s interest in running Apple.”

Musk has previously said he approached Cook with the idea of ​​discussing selling Tesla to Apple, but Cook declined to discuss it. Now he emphasizes in his tweet, he did not at that time impose any conditions on a possible acquisition.

According to Higgins, Musk was given several opportunities to comment on the allegations made in the book, but this missed an opportunity.

“The anecdote comes from Musk’s own story, according to people who once heard the story,” Higgins explains the content of the book. On Twitter.

In addition to refuting the allegations, Musk does not seem to hold a book on Tesla’s history very highly.

“Higgins managed to make his book both false and boring,” he said has tweeted.



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