Companies The new owner of the warehouse has demanded the dissolution of the acquisition – the ex-CEO denies that he has concealed information about the hacking

The District Court disclosed documents related to the Vastamo.

Psychotherapy center The current owner of the warehouse has demanded the dissolution of the acquisition.

According to PTK Midcon, the holding company of the owner, Intera Partners, it is obvious that the former CEO of Vastamo Ville Tapio has been aware of the breach and blackmail message already during the negotiation and negotiation of the transaction. However, they were not communicated to the buyer.

Ville Tapio denies the new owner’s claim that he was aware of the breach.

This is evident from the documents related to the seizure case, which the new owner and Ville Tapio have submitted to the Helsinki District Court.

At the end of October, the court confiscated Tapio’s property worth almost ten million euros as a temporary precautionary measure. The district court released documents related to the seizure case on a partially encrypted Thursday.

Hacking as a result, tens of thousands of patients ’data ended up in the wrong hands. The data have also attempted to blackmail patients. In addition, they have been leaked into a dark net.

Ville Tapio, the former CEO of the warehouse, and his parents owned the company before selling it.

The parties signed the deed of sale in May 2019. The new owner received approximately 70 percent of the company’s shares, according to PTK Midco’s seizure application.

Ville Tapio was fired from his position as CEO after a hacking case came to light.

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