Companies Mara’s survey: Widely weak late summer in the tourism and restaurant sector, the Christmas season may become very good

Less than 40 percent of the companies that responded to the survey expect at least as good a Christmas season as in 2019.

Part companies in the tourism, restaurant and event industry are already on the path to growth, but the majority business in the late summer and at the end of the year is far from normal, according to a survey of members of the tourism and restaurant industry interest group Mara.

According to the survey, the turnover of half of the companies in the sector decreased by at least 30 per cent in July – September compared to the corresponding period in 2019. With a good 20 per cent, the turnover increased at least slightly.

Half of the companies that responded to the survey say that turnover will fall by at least 20 percent towards the end of the year. Less than 20 percent of companies expect at least modest growth.

However, according to the survey, the likelihood of bankruptcy has decreased. According to Mara, by April next year, nine percent of companies are in danger of bankruptcy and two percent have closed down.

Impending the Christmas season raises little hope among entrepreneurs in the sector, according to the survey. Less than 40 percent of companies expect at least as good a Christmas season as the year before the corona pandemic. However, Mara points out that the little Christmas season of 2019 was excellent.

According to Mara, restaurant restrictions in the spread phase apply in provinces that account for more than 50 percent of the turnover and employment of the Finnish restaurant industry.

“The Christmas season has a chance to become very good. I’ve talked to a number of our member companies, and they’re all looking forward to a great little Christmas season, ”CEO Timo Lappi says Mara in a press release.

Mara’s membership survey was answered by 411 companies in the hotel, spa, restaurant and program services sectors, among others.


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