Companies Gripen manufacturer Saab plans to hire 30-50 people in Tampere and Helsinki

The company intends to develop virtual and augmented reality technologies in Finland.

Aircraftand defense equipment manufacturer Saab is expanding its operations in Finland. The Swedish company participating in the fighter competition anticipates that the expansion will create 30–50 new jobs in Tampere and Helsinki in the near future.

As new areas, Saab is expanding into data link communication as well as virtual and augmented reality technologies. Directional data link systems enable reliable communication between, for example, a fighter jet, a surveillance machine and unmanned aircraft.

Saab strives to utilize Finnish know-how in the field of virtual reality. Saab has developed a reality-based training environment with Finnish Varjo Technologies based on Gripe’s E / F simulators.

In 2017, Saab established a technology center in Tampere. The center currently employs about 60 engineers.


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