Companies Bloomberg: Huawei is starting to charge 5g license fees from Apple and Samsung

Chinese power supply maker Huawei plans to charge lower license fees for its 5g patents than Nokia or Ericsson, the company’s management said on Tuesday, according to news agency Bloomberg.

Chinese Huawei Technologies, a network equipment manufacturer, intends to start charging mobile phone manufacturers “reasonable” compensation for patents for its 5g technology, says news agency Bloomberg.

General Counsel of Huawei Song Liuping said at a news conference on Tuesday that the company will begin negotiations on license fees with Apple in the US and Samsung in South Korea.

Huawei’s drive to obtain patent fees is interesting because the U.S. has imposed economic sanctions on it because of security concerns. The company said the sanctions should not affect fees because its patents are freely available.

Huawein The downside to mobile phone manufacturers is that it promises to charge lower license fees for its 5G patents than Nokia, Ericsson or American Qualcomm.

Huawei estimates it could raise about $ 1.2-1.3 billion in patent and license fees from 2019-21. The company is aiming for $ 2.50 per cell phone.

The Chinese company plans to spend the funds on research and development to keep up with Nokia and Ericsson in technology development.

According to Bloomberg, Huawei’s patent portfolio for 5g technology is the largest in the world.

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