Companies | Almost record-breaking dividends were expected from Finnish companies – That’s how the expectations have come true

Large dividends were expected from Finnish listed companies in advance. For this article, HS compiles information on how the companies plan to pay dividends.

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Finns major listed companies have so far reported mixed results. For example, Nokia reported a better-than-expected result last week, Kone’s result contained both good and bad surprises, and on Tuesday Stora Enso, which had forged a strong result in 2022, said that its profit pace had clearly slowed down towards the end of the year.

There is an exceptionally high interest in the company’s earnings season, for example due to the threat of recession hanging over Finland.

HS reported last week that analysts expect listed companies to distribute near-record dividends to their owners this year.

“Based on forecasts, the dividend amount of the Helsinki Stock Exchange will rise to 12.6 billion euros. That would mean an increase of about four percent from last year,” said Danske Bank’s portfolio manager Ville Kivipelto In an interview with HS at the end of January.

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How have the expectations been fulfilled?

The earnings period of listed companies is still very early, so no far-reaching conclusions can be made at this stage.

So far, it can be said that Elisa, Stora Enso, Nokia and Wärtsilä are increasing their dividend per share from last year.

Meanwhile, Kone is cutting its dividend.

You can follow the development of dividends in the following table.

More information on the companies’ profit status and ability to pay dividends will be available on Thursday, when, among others, UPM, Nordea, Kesko, Cargotec, Konecranes, Valmet and SRV publish their results.

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