Companies Ahlstrom-Munksjö will delist from the Helsinki Stock Exchange on Wednesday after an exceptional tender offer process

Trading in the company’s shares was suspended as early as Monday.

Fiber material Ahlström-Munksjö’s shares will be delisted from the Helsinki Stock Exchange on Wednesday, the company announces. Trading in the company’s shares was suspended on Monday.

A consortium of Bain Capital, Ahlström Capital and Ehrnroothie, or Spa Holdings, which made a takeover bid for the company in the autumn, has acquired ownership of Ahlström-Munksjö’s minority shares in a redemption procedure. The consortium has therefore acquired ownership of all the shares in Ahlström-Munksjö.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö announced in early February that more than 90 percent of the owners had accepted the tender offer.

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Companies Act According to the company, the party holding more than 90 percent of all the company’s shares is entitled to redeem the shares of other shareholders at the current price.

The buyer consortium states that it has now provided a security in the redemption procedure for the remaining minority shares, with which it has acquired ownership of the remaining shares in Ahlström-Munksjö.

Ahlström-Munksjö was founded in 2017, when the Finnish Ahlstrom and its Swedish competitor Munksjö merged. The company’s turnover last year was about 2.9 billion euros. The company has about 8,000 employees.

The buyer consortium Spa Holdings includes, among others, the US private equity firm Bain Capital and the Ahlström family investment company Ahlström Capital, as well as Ehrnroothie companies Viknum AB and Belgrano Inversiones.



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