Comment Valtteri Bottas will only be offered a side role in this season’s World Cup

Bottas ’performance is not enough against Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Mercedes Valtteri Bottas championship dreams can be buried even though only two of the 23 races of the season have been run.

The reason is both the performance and the results that followed.

The second race of the season in Imola, Italy was the worst class failure for Bottas.

First, out of time, the eighth place in the car, which should always be in the first two rows. Failure in a single round could be understood and allowed to some extent, but not in a race.

Still, Bottas tormented the entire race really far from the prize pool and found no way to pave the way for better rankings.

To top it all off, the top of the race overtook Bottas around the middle of the race.

As a cherry in the pancake, there was a fierce run-out, for which Williams seemed to be to blame George Russell.

Last in the season Bottas opened the season with a win and second place. He led the World Cup after two races when Lewis Hamilton finished fourth in the opening race and won the second race.

Still, at the end of the season, the difference was as much as 124 points in Hamilton’s favor, even though Hamilton missed the final race.

Last season’s Red Bull Max Verstappen was able to threaten Bottas’ position along the way despite a weaker car, and now the situation still looks considerably more troublesome for Bottas.

Now Hamilton leads the series with 44 points ahead of Verstappen (43). Bottas has 16 points in his account from the opening race.

Hamilton he seemed not perfect either. The run-out that followed the mistake dropped him to ninth.

Hamilton then showed why he is a seven-time world champion. One competitor after another got on his feet when the British finally finished second. For Verstappen, he could do nothing in Imola either.

This season’s championship show seems to be coming from a play by Hamilton and Verstappen, in which Bottas is only offered a side role.

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