Comment Valtteri Bottas takes all the blows and showed that the F1 car is not suitable for skating

Departures have been difficult for Bottas for a long time, writes Ismo Uusitupa, HS’s sports journalist.

Formula the number one season is culminating, but the Mercedes team Valtteri Bottas problems continued in the Qatar race. Starting screen penalty, poor start, flat tire and interruption: there could be nothing more wrong.

At the same time as a teammate Lewis Hamilton is taking Max Verstappenia caught up in the World Cup battle, it is difficult to compete with Bottas. After winning the competition in Turkey, the only place to be won a week ago is third place in Brazil. In the Mercedes going game, it’s very little, even though it has had repeated engine overhauls.

Departures have been difficult for Bottas for a long time. However, this is the most important moment of the race. Always cold tires cannot be the cause all the time. Admittedly, in Sunday’s race, Bottas said he skated the entire first lap when there was no grip on the tires. The F1 car is therefore not a suitable tool for skating.

Even if butter. If Mercedes had taken Bottas in time for a tire change, Bottas would probably have been Fifth. But when that flat tire came completely unexpectedly, Bottas and the team manager were convinced Toto Wolff. This certainly happened in that situation, but everyone who followed the race also knew that Mercedes took the risk of keeping Bota on the track without changing tires.

Bottas has two races left on Mercedes. Of those, having a decent result makes it much easier to give thanks from the stable side. However, Bottas has lunch here.

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