Comment Trump will be remembered as a president who was a greater threat to his own country than any imaginable outside enemy

At best, Washington in January became a turning point that raised the world to the dangers of anger and lies. The policy built on them will inevitably lead to a dead end and chaos, writes HS Editor-in-Chief Antero Mukka.

Graduation evening What has been feared happened during Finnish time. It was made sure that the change of power in the United States did not take place exclusively peacefully. Violent protesters broke through police barriers inside the Congress House in Washington.

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President Donald Trumpin a series of unjustified electoral fraud sowns suspended a meeting of the two chambers of Congress to be confirmed; Joe Biden victory in the presidential election.

Located on Capitol Hill, the House of Congress is a haven of American democracy, with symbolic value in the eyes of the entire world.

Presumptuous the attack was a blow to everything we associate with the Western conception of democracy. The aim of the rebels was to prevent the will of the people who cast their votes in the election from being realized.

The chaos in Washington was a vision we would not have thought we would see in the democratically governed rule of law of the 2020s. The sight was scary, even distressing. It seemed as if the whole foundation on which the world, which believed in commonly agreed institutions and shared rules and moral concepts, was based, would be seriously challenged and threatened.

Cold uncertainty overwhelms the mind: what would follow from all this?

Similar feelings of something irreversible are recalled by the 9/11 attacks in the United States, witnessed by the Soviet coup attempt in 1991 or a decade later.

Impact to Congress launched Donald Trump’s final show of the presidency before the formal end of the term. The events in Washington ensured that the world would remember him as president, who was a greater threat to his own country than any imaginable outside enemy.

Trump’s legacy is the medical record of a delusional, self-centered, and unscrupulous man. We have witnessed the darkest moments of modern history in terms of Western democracy.

To the lone and enemies of democracy around the world, this has all been like a wet wishful thinking. They get to show how discounted the Western system is.

Trump alone bears the greatest responsibility for what happened in Washington. The violent attack did not start on its own, nor as a spontaneous popular movement. The president’s long-running deliberate incitement led to where it might eventually lead. A number of the fiercest hot dogs decided to take the right into their own hands. Some may sincerely believe their leader’s lies and foggy conspiracy theories, some may have been motivated by a tense mood. Undoubtedly, there are also professional walkers among them.

Based on the news images, the people who conquered Congress did not quite seem to support Trump.

In addition to Trump, Republican MPs who have joined the election results protest are now facing the consequences of their actions. The attempt to manipulate the election result has been an entirely irresponsible campaign against facts, democracy and the rule of law. Short-term tactics have jeopardized the entire U.S. political system. The way in which the bright election result has been sought to counter the question of the fulfillment of the will of the people in all future elections.

This after the world is not the same. We all have a strong memory of what happened on Capitol Hill. It was a stupid, coup attempt attempted by a resigning president.

In all its misery, this week is one of the long-explored classic themes of political history.

Politicians around the world – not just in the United States – need to reflect on the years-long chain of events as a whole and define their own relationship to what has all gone wrong.

At best, Washington in January became a turning point that raised the world to the dangers of anger and lies. Policies built on them will inevitably lead to a stalemate and chaos.

The desperate actions we have now seen are also a reminder that politics must continue to pursue the common interest and promote it. The interests of the nation, society and various groups of people cannot and must not be subordinated to private power or other interests.

Washington in January, political responsibility that does not distinguish between words and deeds also materialized. The words of a politician always have a special weight and lead to deeds in both good and evil.

At the level of speech, special care must be taken to ensure that the role of institutions, laws and the judiciary, which are important for democracy, is not unnecessarily undermined. In the end, they are the locks that prevent power from slipping on those who seek to abuse it.

The instigator who causes the foolishest and most ruthless to attack his fellow human beings – and avoids responsibility for his own words – is unequivocally a pathetic coward.

Americans paid a hard price for harsh words. Hopefully someone will end up responsible for the devastation they caused.


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