Comment The World Championships, which ended in bitter disappointment, were at once a success story from Leijon

Canada took the championship even as the Lions scratched the trophy surface for a moment.


Latvian the World Hockey Tournament ended disappointing, but at the same time was a success story from the Lion.

The team, which was expected to do almost nothing, took the silver and played gold until the last minute. The Lions got close, but now it wasn’t enough.

Good thing they even made it to the finals. There was no easy way either.

Head coach Jukka Jalosen the game method used was so efficient that it came off for the second World Cup final in a row. It was also so impressive that in the beloved western neighbor, playing the Lions required its own comment. A little sour, after all, Tre Kronor has been on vacation for almost a week.

Playing until gold did not bear, but in these circumstances, silver must also be accepted.

Jalonen is known for playing and putting together a team, but that alone is not enough. Good players are also needed. Fortunately, they also emerged.

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Lions showed that there were skilled players behind the NHL stars. The Latvian Bubble left players well enough, even though the Finnish number one NHL stars, or almost all the NHL players, were missing.

And if the players weren’t international nominees before the tournament, they even became stars as the games progressed.

Keeper Jussi Olkinuora got to play one match in Slovakia two years ago. Olkinuora fought the zero game against Britain. In Riga, Olkinuora rose to the old continent’s goalie elite, unless he belonged there before.

In seven years I had time to forget how well Olli Määttä playing. He charmed as a young defender at the 2014 Sochi Olympics in Riga, he stood out with his game, not his points. Määttä played when the emergency was greatest.

Young The World Cup was played in Edmonton at the turn of the year at a difficult time. At night had to be monitored.

Even those following the puck didn’t get a decent idea of ​​how Anton Lundell played. Now they received.

One could imagine being some kind of step to jump from youth tournaments to men’s races. Lundell showed that the stairs had been smoothed into a small pimple.

Fast winger Arttu Ruotsalainen in the fall, he scored such points in the League that it took weeks to break them after the player had left for the Buffalo NHL team.

The Swede also refined five goals from his game in Buffalo and came to the World Cup for the first time. Fortunately, came. The lions needed his goals.

Head coach Jalonen knows how to make players believe in himself and the team. No magic is needed for that, but an eye for coaching.

Jalonen also knows what a World Cup tournament is like. Hard to go, but do not run the gas at the bottom of the wall.

In Jalonen’s model – both now and in the past – even the biggest stars tend to play the minutes that come. Some of it may have been rubbed at first, but even there the team has won. With the current system, everyone will survive until the tenth game.

International President of the Hockey Association (IIHF) René Fasel assured on the closing day of the tournament that an NHL puck will be played in Beijing.

Jalonen will get a different team in Beijing, but it will be fun to see how hard enough interest will be for the Tampere home games in the spring of 2022 after the Olympic winter.

It may be that not everyone who wants to can fit in there. Success fuels interest.



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