Comment The TV broadcast of The Golden Festival of the Lions was a confusingly failed spectacle and made me realize how exceptional work Yle does

The Lions’ two Olympic medals were celebrated on Monday, but the TV broadcast did not convey the festive atmosphere, writes Juuso Määttänen, HS’s cultural journalist.

Straighten TV broadcasts have been made in absolutely easier conditions than on Monday at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

A severe winter storm ravaged the center of Helsinki just as the men’s hockey national team that won gold at the Beijing Winter Olympics and the women’s hockey team that won bronze arrived in front of thousands of people to celebrate.

TV5 tried to broadcast the event to the whole of Finland, and from the first seconds it became clear that there was a lot of snow in the TV picture.

Difficult despite the circumstances, it’s really confusing what kind of one-and-a-half-hour broadcast TV5 eventually ended up presenting at the Golden Festival of the Lions.

The vast majority of TV time was spent by a journalist Juhani Henriksson discussed in the studio built in the auditorium of the Olympic Stadium together with a hockey player Annina Rajahuhdan and an ex-pucker Tuomas Grönmanin with.

At times, the experience even felt surreal. Finland has won two medals in Olympic hockey, including the first gold medal in its history.

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Still, the main focus of the broadcast was when the trio, dressed in stylish outfits, talked in the studio about everything between earth and sky. There was talk at times Hannes Björnisen mustache or Jukka Jalosen coaching skills.

At one point, Grönman presented how his son had drawn the Finnish flag at home. It inspired Grönman to consider that such success would hopefully inspire children to move.

At times, there was really no red thread in the conversation at all. It was no wonder, as an unbridled number of topics of discussion had to be invented to fill the entire TV time.

At the same time at that time the olympic stadium was going to have an actual golden celebration. It conveyed to the viewers mainly as much as it could be sobbed behind the backs of the trio of presenters.

The situation was most condensed to the moment when the Olympic Stadium played I’m Finnishand the importance of music was discussed in the studio.

“Even now, there is really emotional music playing here,” Grönman explained.

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It was not heard in the broadcast.

And the Portion Boys were not heard or seen later either The pace is accelerating song, during which the trio of presenters again explained in the studio what is currently happening on stage.

“Suddenly that our gold team is next to us at the Olympic Stadium, and the people are involved …”

“Jukka dances as the pace accelerates. Marko weighs. ”

It’s true that nothing particularly exciting happened on stage all the time. Still, it would have been more interesting to watch the live image of the party instead of the show being filled with studio conversations and strangely slightly retrospective player interviews that heard essentially the same comments as had been heard many times before.

Classically “The people were furious” about TV5’s broadcast.

“Criticism of the Lions’ Golden Day TV broadcast – crushing explosion: ‘Disaster!'” Ilta-Sanomat reports.

“Discovery’s Gold Festival Crush Criticism: ‘A TV Show Describes Only Studio Talking'” Iltalehti said.

Twitter, for example, was quite effectively filled with comments that amazed at the level of broadcast and reported how a single Twitch user’s streaming from the Olympic Stadium was more successful in conveying the mood than a TV show.

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“On the other hand, there is a certain dignity in the spirit of the Olympics. In that spirit, the broadcast wanted to recap the Lions’ Sky at the Olympics and prioritize the interviews and analyzes of the Olympic winners instead of just a stage celebration, ”Discovery Finland’s Sports Director Antti Haajanen explained the choice of style to Iltalehti.

For myself as a spectator, the show reminded me above all of the incredible hard work that YLE has done over the years with huge live broadcasts. The general public and the tax euros paid for it have recently been criticized quite loudly in some comments, among other things.

Now, some critics could wake up to see what the Yle tax can do.

Discovery reports that Yellow Film, a major Finnish production company, was responsible for the gold festival broadcast. So the creators of yesterday’s broadcast also have experience, but yesterday’s special spectacle once again made Miss miss professional professional broadcasts, planned down to the last touch.

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