Comment The peat decision of the budget dispute annoys both the greens and the city center – that’s why Saarikko preferred to talk about the Kainuu train and Ohisalo’s employment bicycles

The budget conference press conference mixes big and small things, because the government parties need to get things explained in the best possible way, writes Marko Junkkari of HS.

At the stage of the Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko (kesk) started talking about the Kainuu train in the budget info on Wednesday, it came to mind Litku Klemetti.

“We are starting negotiations with VR to restore the night train connection to Kainuu,” Saarikko said.

The archipelago is the chairman of the center. Klemetti is a singer-songwriter from Kuhmo, Kainuu, whose lyrics are insightful. Klemetti sang about the Kainuu train in his song a couple of years ago, which became a minor hit.

Litku Klemetti aka Sanna Klemetti.­

In the song, Klemetti sings “the breaking of the big dam,” which is probably some kind of metaphor for faith in the power of love in a relationship. If faith runs out, the narrator of the song announces that “I am leaving for the next train to Kainuu”.

Saarikko promised on Wednesday that in the future the departure will be successful at night as well. However, the intention is apparently to start a night train connection from Kajaani to Helsinki, so a large breakwater dam will not be able to escape from congested Finland to Kainuu at night.

Saarikon the budget discourse speech had a similar dramaturgical structure to that of Klemet’s song. First of all, the big things are said – Klemetti talked about breaking the dam, ensuring a stable operating environment for Saarikko companies. And then we moved on to a smaller theme, the Kainuu train.

Except that for Kainuu residents, the train thing is not small.

“The schedule changes for the Kainuu train are not very significant from a fiscal point of view.”

The night train connection from Kajaani to Helsinki was discontinued in 2006. It was a severe blow to the area, and the situation has only worsened during the Korona period, as Finnair took a break from Kajaani flights in the summer.

Previous Juha Sipilän The (central) government appointed an economist at the end of his term Pasi Holmin to investigate the effects of train traffic in northern and eastern Finland on the vitality of the region. In his report, Holm supported the return of the Kajaani night train.

At present, the train leaves Kajaani for Helsinki at 3.40 in the morning. It’s scheduled to arrive in the capital at 9:40 a.m., so it’s hard to get to the morning business meeting. The night train should have arrived in Helsinki a couple of hours earlier.

Budget conflict is the most important event in the political cycle. After the riot, the governing parties always try to explain the decisions they make to the citizens in the best possible way. Therefore, fiscally significant and less significant issues are often confused in the emphasis.

This is what happened again.

It was decided in Rihie that Finland will take on new debt of as much as EUR 10.8 billion next year. In comparison, the schedule changes for the Kainuu train are not very significant from a fiscal point of view. According to the Holm report, this is EUR 1.5 million a year.

Still, Saarikko raised the issue of trains at the very beginning of his speech. It was no coincidence. The task of the chairman of the center is to keep the whole country viable and inhabited. Besides, it is certainly more comfortable to talk about a night train than to tighten the energy peat tax on the central population.

The Greens believe that the taxation of peat should have been tightened even more, so the Greens Maria Ohisalo In his speech, he emphasized the proposal for a tax exemption for employment bicycles.

The Treasury minister Matti Vanhanen (center) in turn presented pages in the info about strengthening confidence in the economy.

The last French line read: “Return to the spending framework.”

The expenditure framework is the limit agreed by the government at the beginning of its term, above which government expenditure must not increase. Last spring, the government decided that due to the coronavirus in 2020, the spending framework will not be in place. In this way, the government was able to borrow almost EUR 20 billion more in supplementary budgets this year.

Return to the expenditure framework would be a good song name.

The ethereal atmosphere of the song could describe the apathetic atmosphere that prevails after an exceptionally raucous feast. The atmosphere when the dam is in pieces and the return to everyday life is annoying.


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