Comment The Outbreak of Infections is a setback on the road to normal – now testing how high coronary numbers society can tolerate

Right now, policymakers would like to keep their heads cold. The negative consequences of sudden restrictive measures may be more significant than the expected benefits, writes Antero Mukka, HS’s editor-in-chief.

Coronary infections The amount of rush in the middle of the holiday season is disappointing for anyone looking for a quick return to normal time. Director of the Department of Health and Welfare Mika Salminen estimates on Tuesday that Finland has already entered the fourth Korona wave.

Compared to the peaceful development of the summer season, the information for the first week is undoubtedly a setback that can affect, for example, employers’ plans for how autumn will start in different workplaces.

Many would like to go to the office after a long telecommuting tube.

Experts the assessment of the situation confirms a perception which has also become apparent to the layman who has followed the summer life of many cities. Infections are particularly prevalent among the young population, who have a taste for partying, mainly in restaurants, bars and nightclubs. This is especially evident in the Hus area.

Indifference and a sense of security fueled by the bite of vaccine coverage have prevailed among Finns. The corona no longer seems as dangerous a threat as it was in the early stages of a pandemic.

The exceptionally hot summer and the opportunity to spend free time outdoors have contributed to meeting friends and playing on the terraces, beaches and parties. More and more people are also daring to take risks, avoiding their holiday trips abroad.

Long the time of corona restrictions has matured the mind for detachment from the whole hassle. If nothing else, then rely on your own good luck. If only that delta dodges me.

The coming days and weeks will be decisive in which signs Finland returns from every summer to everyday life. From a purely contagious number, the situation does not look good right now. At the same time, the spread of the modified delta virus and the potential risks for those vaccinated also cause uncertainty.

In recent days, observations have emerged of a long-lasting covid that plagues even young people, which can cripple life for a long time in many ways.

A lot however, it has changed since the last decisions were made to close schools, restaurants and rallies with a heavy hand. The most important change is that the older population has practically increased twice, and most Finns have already had at least one peak.

Indeed, the need for hospital care, which has been identified as a key indicator of restraint, is now relatively low, albeit at a slight increase in recent days. For example, concerns about the capacity of intensive care do not require new restrictions. Vaccinations of the oldest population have also virtually prevented new coronary deaths.

It is also somewhat uncertain how much, for example, the new restaurant bills would actually curb the carefree summer activities of young adults.

Daily overall, monitoring infection rates is no longer as essential as in the earlier stages of a pandemic. In practice, we are in a situation where the resilience of both decision-makers and the general public is being tested – do we accept that a potentially large number of fellow human beings will suffer from coronary heart disease, but we still keep society running almost normal.

With current data, it seems easy to take the position that a mere increase in the number of infections does not require sudden turns or panic solutions from society. Of course, the situation is not stable, but possible shortcomings in vaccine protection in relation to the ability of the virus to transform, for example, would fundamentally change the situation.

Right now, policymakers would like to keep their heads cold. The negative consequences of sudden decisions can be far more significant than the expected benefits. The Finns’ mental defense capability is not at its best in the wake of the trials of a couple of years of the corona.

A lot the future outlook is the responsibility of the citizens. The most effective way to promote a return to normal times is to take care of your own vaccination protection. It can already be seen that the majority of coronary patients in need of hospitalization are completely or partially unvaccinated. A corona spike can ensure that yourself or anyone close to you does not get sick, at least for severe coronary heart disease.

Responsible behavior is still more than desirable to prevent the corona situation from recurring. Masks, safety gaps and hand hygiene should be considered the recommended practice for a long time to come.

Information about possible exposure and even voluntary quarantine must be taken seriously. If it is you who happen to survive the disease with fright, it may be a much more serious place for one of your fellow human beings.

It is also up to each individual to decide whether to celebrate right now rather than the last day – or whether there would be suitable time slots sometime later. Every reckless tavern trip can, with moderate probability, lead to unpleasant consequences for someone.



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