Comment The Olympic Committee showed outrightness by sending a better and evolving sailor to the Olympics

The choice of Akseli Keskinen as a partner of Sinem Kurtbay in Tokyo was the right solution, on the basis of which one can look to the next Olympics for four years.

Finland The Olympic Committee said Wednesday that it decided to sail the Nacra 17-Class Olympic selection on sporting, not legal, grounds – just as it should.

The sporting reason is a fairly transparent argument, but the Olympic Committee had no other option. Finland had a Nacra 17-class country venue, where two crews have given Olympic displays: Sinem Kurtbay / Akseli Keskinen and Kurtbay / Janne Järvinen.

lodged at the Tokyo Olympic selections beach Järvinen two and a half years of absolute conviction and prison sentence Katiska-huumevyyhdissä is not yet final. Järvinen intends to appeal to the Court of Appeal.

It is also likely that Järvinen will take the Olympic selection to the Sports Judicial Security Committee, but the Olympic Committee will take the risk.

Already before the selection decision, it seemed clear that the Olympic Committee would not elect from Järvi, even though he owned the boat on which the land was acquired.

The Olympic Committee showed outspokenness by sending a better and evolving sailor to the Olympics, not a patron.

Kurtbay and Keskinen are in a wet middleman. Both know that without Järvinen’s money, the entire Tokyo project would not exist, but there is a fine for stupidity.

Next you have to decide whose boat the chosen pair will sail in the Olympic Regatta in Tokyo, Järvinen’s boat or someone else’s rental boat.

For logistical reasons, the boat has already been loaded into a sea container from Spain towards Tokyo, but it was irrelevant to the choice. Transportation takes time.

It would not look good for the Olympic Committee if Järvinen gave his boat to Kurtbay and Keskinen for free. It is worth paying a fair rent for the boat, be it anyone.

In an emergency, help can be found nearby. Finnish sailing districts have the readiness and money to help 30-year-old Kurbay and 21-year-old Keski.

Not just to Tokyo, but above all to the medals for the 2024 Paris Olympic waters.

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