Comment The number one arena and the Finland Disc Center are now located in Tampere

With the new arena, in addition to hockey, Tampere is also an increasingly attractive venue for concerts by world stars, with its hotels and restaurants offering much more than 13,000 seats.

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The people of Tampere have considered themselves the capital of Finnish hockey, and after Friday the claim has more coverage than before.

The reason is, of course, the arena block built in the middle of the city on the most important railway line and mainland in Finland. With it, Tampere once again has the most modern ice rink and event arena in Finland.

Although the complex, renamed the Nokia arena, is much more than hockey, the role of Finns’ favorite sport is in the project. essential.

Without Tappara and Ilve, Tampere would hardly have got a completely new district. Hockey brings to the arena about a hundred events a year, each of which sells thousands of tickets to people who also spend money on restaurant services, for example.

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This is the core that has made the whole project possible.

In hockey Tampere is going great. It will be the main stage at next spring’s World Cup and both of the city’s league teams are already in a strong hit.

There are traditions, local competition and a new arena that provides opportunities to take business and sports entertainment to a new level.

Nor can we forget that Tampere is the brightest star on the Finnish disc Alexander Barkov and Patrik Laine.

Quite a good achievement from a city of 250,000 inhabitants and half an million people from the economic area of ​​Pirkanmaa.

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In the metropolitan area the situation is different. HIFK’s brand is okay and the supporters are prosperous and loyal. However, the counterforce is lacking. KHL-Jokerit pays the best salaries in Finland and attracts a good audience at its best, but is in a global political disposition.

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The mill in Espoo produces juniors, but the Metro arena in Tapiola is now best known as the home base of the basketball team. The derby of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is played at the second highest league level in Mestis between Kiekko-Espoo and Kiekko-Vantaa.

Women’s hockey is dominated by Kiekko-Espoo and HIFK, but the audience has not yet found them.

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Nokia Arena As a result, Tampere is becoming an increasingly attractive venue for concerts by world stars as well, with its hotels and restaurants offering much more than 13,000 seats.

Jahka Helsinki The Helsinki Garden, orchestrated by IFK, will be realized, and there will be competitors for the Hartwall Arena in Pasila, Helsinki. Maybe number one in the arena league will soon be number three.

The author is a producer of HS Sports.

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